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CoE CASI Election Statements

Carly Andrew, Student Success & Engagement Coordinator, Academic Affairs
As an academic staff member with nearly two years of experience within the CoE, complemented by my background working as a secondary social studies teacher for a decade, I offer a diverse array of skills and perspectives. My educational journey has equipped me with the ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, comprehend diverse viewpoints, and advocate for equitable practices. In my time with CoE, I have developed a nuanced understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities encountered by academic staff, positioning me well to serve as a representative on CASI. Throughout my career, I have refined my strengths in interpersonal communication, relationship building, and collaborative problem-solving. These skills are instrumental in nurturing an environment of transparency, clear communication, and a culture of feedback within the CoE. Moreover, my dedication to equity, inclusion, and diversity resonates with the core values of CASI and the broader university community. I am committed to amplifying the voices of those who are often overlooked and ensuring that all members of CoE have opportunities to be heard and valued. My experiences collaborating with individuals across various levels and roles within the CoE have provided me with an understanding of the institution's dynamics. I excel at bridging gaps between different stakeholders and facilitating constructive dialogue, driven by a personal commitment to accountability and a solutions-oriented mindset. I firmly believe in representing those whose voices are frequently overlooked due to their lack of authority or power within our community. As a CASI representative, I am dedicated to advocating for the concerns and perspectives of individuals who play indispensable yet underappreciated roles in our institution. Additionally, I am deeply committed to holding those in positions of power accountable for their decisions and actions. Transparency serves as the cornerstone for fostering trust and accountability within any organization, particularly within the CoE. As a CASI representative, I will stoutly advocate for increased transparency throughout the college, ensuring that decisions are made openly and clearly communicated. By upholding ourselves and others accountable for the repercussions of our decisions, we can nurture an environment of integrity and equity that benefits every member of the CoE community. (Written in collaboration with Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT)

Justin Kyle Bush, Graduate Programs Administrator, InterPro
I have had the privilege of serving as an elected CASI member since the 2022 school year, and I am now seeking reelection for the term cycle of 2024 through 2027. During my tenure as an elected member representing Academic and University staff in COE, I have identified areas where we can improve and continue to enhance our college. I strongly believe that my work on this committee is not yet complete, and I am eager to continue serving to amplify the voices of staff in Engineering. Moreover, fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture is a deep passion of mine. I am dedicated to listening to diverse voices and collaborating effectively to implement strategies that benefit all members of our staff. As an active staff member, I intimately understand the challenges and opportunities we encounter daily. I am enthusiastic about bringing these firsthand perspectives to the committee discussions to help formulate solutions that resonate with our entire workforce. In conclusion, I am deeply honored to be considered for this crucial role and am enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing success and advancement of our organization. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of my nomination.

Libby Miller, Graduate Advisor, Interdisciplinary Professional Programs (Interpro)
I recently joined the College of Engineering as a Graduate Advisor for the online graduate degree programs in Interpro in January 2024. I am a proud badger, having completed my undergraduate degree in Legal Studies with a Certificate in Gender & Women’s Studies at UW Madison in 2015. I am happy to be returning to my alma mater after a few years working as an Admissions Coordinator at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee then as a Graduate Advisor with the University of California Santa Cruz. In my masters program, I studied Organizational Leadership & Communication and developed a strong interest in learning to navigate organizational change and improving communication across an organization. I would love to put my knowledge to good use in supporting CASI’s efforts to advocate for the needs and concerns of our staff!

Kelly Petersen, Main Office Manager (Admin Assistant III), Industrial and Systems Engineering
I am the Main Office Manager/Administrative Assistant for the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at the University with nearly 5 years of service. I enjoy collaborating with the staff, faculty, and students within my department on a daily basis. Throughout my tenure, I've actively participated in various committees, forming connections with individuals across different roles and departments within our college and institution. Since 2021, I've been involved with CASI (Committee Advocating for Staff Interests), assuming the role of co-chair last year and now serving as the committee chair. Our College of Engineering's CASI stands out as one of the few on campus to incorporate University Staff members, and marking a significant milestone by electing a University Staff member as chair for the first time. The inclusive mindset of our CASI has set a precedent, serving as a model for similar committees across campus. As a member of the committee, I will continue to uplift the interests of my fellow University Staff members alongside our Academic Staff peers. In recent years, we've collaborated closely with various campus groups to lay a strong foundation for the future of our College's CASI. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of furthering this progress, striving to build a more robust line of communication and advocacy between college leadership and staff members.

Zach Smith, Research Administrator Supervisor, Mechanical Engineering
I find that CASI is the best mechanism/organization to facilitate meaningful change at the divisional level. I am currently an Academic Staff Assembly representative and a past CASI member and ex CASI Chair. I am rotating off of the Shared Governance Budget Committee this year and would like to move back into advocacy for staff at the divisional level. Over the past 8 years in CoE, I have established relationships with much of CoE's leadership as well as current CASI members and have constantly advocated for the interests of staff. While staff are significantly impacted by funding decisions and other policies, we are all too often absent from meaning participation in the discussions surrounding these decisions. I try my best to actively give voice to staff interests and collaboratively work with those in leadership who can make changes. I vow to continue representing the interests of all CoE staff and would be honored to serve you as a CASI member once again.

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