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ASA Document 303. Motion to create district 452, 2-03

ASA Document #303
Madison February 10, 2003


Academic Staff Assembly
Motion to Create a New District 452 for Professionals/Managers at DoIT

February 2003

Districting and Representation Committee


The Districting and Representation Committee moves that the Academic Staff Assembly create a new district, District 452, for Professionals and Managers at DoIT.


District 451 is currently the only district for professionals and managers at DoIT (Division of Information Technology). Over time, this district has grown well beyond the size parameters (35-75) of the ASPP, and has been at this level for more than a year. As of October 2002, this district had over 100 members. This is a cohesive group, organizationally as well as geographically; however, growth over time supports the creation of a second district.

In collaboration with the current representative, the DRC developed a plan to divide the district into two separate districts of roughly equal size, according to UDDS code. The representative for District 451, as well as members of the DoIT CASI, will provide assistance in identifying potential representatives for the new district.

This proposed change will provide two districts for professionals and managers at DoIT. The existing district, District 451, will be comprised of those academic staff in A06-01xx through A06-49xx. The new district, District 452, will be comprised of those academic staff appointed in A06-50xx through A06-99xx. The resulting size of the DoIT districts will be approximately 59 and 45, respectively.

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