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ASA Document 383. Proposed language for ASPP revision for new standing committee of the Assembly - Communications Comm.

Academic Staff Assembly Document #383

14 May 2007


Proposed language for ASPP revision for new standing committee of the Assembly Communications Committee


i. Responsibilities. The Communications Committee is charged with working with other

campus units, entities, and organizations to coordinate communication about and relevant

to Academic Staff to both internal and external audiences. This coordination should

include identifying strategies to address communication gaps.

a. External communication responsibilities include: develop strategies to

communicate the story of academic staff; monitor local media outlets for information that

affects academic staff; and communicate this information to targeted communities within

academic staff.

b. Internal communication responsibilities include: oversee the development and

ongoing maintenance of the academic staff governance web site; oversee the Assembly

list serve; coordinate oversight of the district distribution lists with DRC; develop

guidelines for effective communication by other academic staff governance units; and

monitor communication from or about Academic Staff Assembly and ASEC for clarity

and relevance to academic staff.

c. The Communications Committee shall make recommendations on these matters

and report its activities to the Academic Staff Assembly.


ii. Committee Size. The Communications Committee shall consist of nine members.


iii. Membership.

(a) Eligibility. Members of the academic staff holding a paid appointment shall be

eligible to serve on the Communications Committee providing they are not excluded

under 14.12.2.a.iii(b).

(b) Exclusions. No more than two members may be from the same district or three

members from the same school, college or division.

iv. Terms of Office. Communications Committee members shall serve for three-year

terms, beginning July 1. There is no limit to the number of terms a member may serve.

When a committee member requests a leave of absence, the committee shall determine

whether to grant the leave. If a leave is granted, the committee chair shall notify the

ASEC. When a leave of absence is granted, the committee shall determine whether a

temporary replacement member should be appointed. If so, the committee chair shall

notify the ASEC, and the ASEC shall appoint a replacement to serve for the duration of

the leave of absence.


University of Wisconsin Academic Staff Assembly Document #383

Madison 14 May 2007


v. Election Processes.

(a) One-third of the Communications Committee shall be elected each year.

(b) The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of nominees that exceeds the number

of vacant seats assuring broad representation of academic staff regarding professional

interests, employing unit, and funding source.

(c) Nominees may be added to the slate by motion from the floor or by petition by 10

academic staff members.

(d) Election will be in the spring by ballot to Assembly representatives following the

meeting at which the slate is presented. Those candidates receiving the most votes from

among those representatives present and voting will fill the vacant positions providing the

provisions of 14.12.2.a.iii(b). are met. If one of the top candidates is ineligible, the next

eligible candidate with the most votes will be elected.


vi. Chair. The chair will be elected by majority vote of the Committee at its first meeting

each year. In the case of a tie vote, the ASEC chair will cast the deciding vote.


vii. Vacancies. Vacancies will be filled by appointment by the ASEC from a list of

nominees supplied by the Nominating Committee. The appointed Committee member

will serve until the next regular election for that seat.


viii. Recall. The Assembly may consider recalling a member of the Communications

Committee on recommendation of a majority of the committee members. If there is a tie

vote, the ASEC may appoint one or more members of the Assembly to consult with the

Communications and report back to the ASEC. If a recommendation to recall a

committee member is made by committee vote or after a recommendation from a

consultant(s), the recall will require a majority vote by the Assembly. If a member of the

Communications Committee is recalled, the procedures in 14.12.2.a.vii. shall be followed

to select a replacement.


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