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Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 04-18-13

Approved April 25, 2013


ASEC Minutes

2:00-4:30 p.m. Thursday, April 18, 2013
67 Bascom

Members Present: Marwa BassiouniHeather Daniels, Past-Chair; Denny HackelRobin Kurtz, Heather McFadden, Vice-ChairJim Maynard, Robert Newsom, Erin Silva

Members Absent: Jeff Shokler, Chair

Guests:  Jenny Dahlberg, CEBC; Ed Elder, Pharmacy Search and Screen Committee; Lisa Jansen, Nominating Committee; Mary Johansen, Office of the Secretary of the Academic Staff; Nancy Lynch, Administrative Legal Services

Vice-Chair Heather McFadden called the meeting to order at 2:03 p.m.

The ASEC minutes for Thursday, April 4, 2013 were approved as distributed.


  • Convene in closed session pursuant to Wisconsin Stats. 19.85(1)(c), and (f) to discuss candidates for the Pharmacy Dean and consideration of Nominating Committee recommendations of candidates for committees. (Moved by Robin Kurtz. Seconded by Robert Newsom.)
  • Ed Elder and Marwa Bassiouni provided their perspectives on the candidates for the Pharmacy Dean. 

    -    Motion to approve the nomination of candidates for the Academic Staff Appeals Committee and the Area Review Committees. (Moved by Robert Newsom. Seconded by Jim Maynard. Approved.) 

    -    Move out of closed session. (Moved by Robert Newsom. Seconded by Jim Maynard. Approved.)
  • Nominating Committee recommendations regarding review of candidates: Request that if ASEC has concerns about a candidate that they table the vote and invite a representative from the Nominating Committee to address the nomination of the candidate at the subsequent meeting before voting on the motion. Nominating will incorporate this step into their operating procedures that will be presented to ASEC at a future date.
  • Discussion of promotional series and compensation: ASEC determined that a primary focus should be identifying ways to adjust caps on salary ranges following July 1.
  • Plan transition/orientation for new ASEC members: The office will add new members to the ASEC listserv when elected and will conduct a Qualtrics poll to determine the best days of the week and preferred times for 2013-2014 meetings. New members will receive the briefing materials prepared for the new Chancellor. ASEC members will plan a transition and orientation lunch or mini-retreat for new members and identified Heather McFadden as a liaison with Trish Iaccarino and Robert as the liaison with Kevin Niemi.


Provost Update: Eden Inoway-Ronnie: The Administrative Excellence Advisory Committee is coming to a conclusion and will be replaced by three committees on IT, Space Utilization, and Resource Allocation. The understanding is that these committees will be constituted through the governance process. The HR Advisory Committee is being reformed and refocused. Eden also reported on the Undergraduate Research Symposium and encouraged ASEC members to attend the events later in the day. The Governor and Provost’s visit to China on behalf of the State and University is going well.  The final report of Ad Hoc International Studies Advisory Committee will be available soon. ASEC and Eden also discussed the University Committee’s  (UC) recommendation that the current timeline of the Ad Hoc Diversity Plan Committee be suspended. 


General Reports

  • Heather McFadden, ASEC Vice-Chair: Briefing documents were sent for Chancellor Blank. Jeff and Robert will be meeting with UC regarding dual roles of academic staff. ASEC recommended that a discussion of the proposal for the College of the Arts be scheduled in September.
  • Jo Ann Carr, Interim Secretary of the Academic Staff: Appointment letters have been sent. Five Executive Education grants were awarded out of 21 applications. The deadline for proposals for Professional Development Grants has been adjusted because of the announcement of different internal deadlines by some Schools/Colleges/Divisions.
  • Heather Daniels and Denny Hackel: HR Advisory Committee: The initial meeting included a review of the ten policies presented to the Board of Regents.
  • Heather McFadden, Administrative Excellence (AE): The Instructional Space team evaluated classrooms and places used for instructional purposes on 62 attributes and presented recommendations on the implementation of a trigger of less than 67% for review of the use of space, the assignment of specific spaces for 50 and 75 minute classes and sees benefits for cross disciplinary work from encouraging individuals to teach outside of their department’s building. Heather McFadden will forward these reports to ASEC. Jenny Dahlberg recommended that the information sent to Department Chairs provide plain language rather than ISIS jargon. Heather requested that AE involve governance units in the naming of future groups.
  • Heather McFadden, Ad Hoc Diversity Plan: There may be changes in the committee’s timeline and process resulting from the UC meeting with the committee chairs.


Guest: Nancy Lynch, Administrative Legal Services: ASEC asked for clarification of the ownership of intellectual property created by faculty and that created by other staff, ownership issues when faculty and academic staff collaborate, and the role of WARF in the process of establishing patent ownership. ASEC asked Nancy to speak at the Academic Staff Institute in 2014 and Nancy reminded ASEC of the Copyright Seminars provided by her office. Nancy will share specific verbiage regarding faculty and university ownership of intellectual property that can be placed on syllabi. ASEC expressed interest in involvement in campus discussions of intellectual proper.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:18 p.m.

Submitted by Jo Ann Carr, Interim Secretary of the Academic Staff


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