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Statements for Nominating Committee Ballot

 Kristin Cooper

I am interested in serving on the Nominating Committee because I believe in shared governance and I think my commitment to serve in shared governance and knowledge of the campus community would be an asset to the committee. I was born and raised in Madison and have been part of the UW campus community for more than a decade. I began as a student hourly with the State Lab of Hygiene and went on to attend graduate school here and then become an academic staff member in 2011. I love meeting new people and working to make meaningful connections. Through my time as an academic staff member, I've been able to attend many events on campus and develop some great working relationships. I think it is especially important to bring in new and excited individuals to serve in shared governance. I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Nominating Committee.


The Academic Staff Nominating Committee needs a strong set of diverse who can work together to reach decisions. I believe I am fit for this position due to the type of environment I work in and my experiences. Working in a lab requires quick decision making, good communication skills, and the ability to work both alone and with other members of the laboratory. Through my experiences with others in the lab, I have been able to exceed at all three of these skills.

After moving from Tampa after completing my undergraduate studies in May 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, I came to Madison. Moving from Tampa allowed me to keep my communication skills sharp and maintain the relationships with people from Tampa as well as building new relationships here in Madison.

Through my communication skills and experiences in the laboratory, I would be an asset to the Nominating Committee. Having an open mind and being able to look at decisions in a new way would make me a beneficial asset to the committee.


 Jacob Hahn

I am interested in serving on the Academic Staff Nominating Committee first and foremost because I believe in the importance of shared governance at our university.  Being able to serve on this committee would allow me to give back to an institution that has given me much, both professionally and personally.  I am knowledgeable on shared governance processes and philosophy, having served on the Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee, and am excited at the prospect of serving the academic staff in helping to find the right staff to populate the various shared governance committees. Further, I am not signing up to do this without an understanding of the gravity and importance of the work of this committee.  I am willing to put in the time and hard work to ensure the various committees are filled in a timely manner by competent and capable academic staff members. The work that I do professionally is in process, project, and human management and I believe I can put to good use the skills and knowledge bases I have developed professionally to good use for the Academic Staff Nominating Committee. Further, through my work at UW-Madison, I have developed strong and positive working relationships with many individuals and a wide array of departments/offices on campus.  My knowledge of this university and its staff, I believe, will be an asset to the Academic Staff Nominating Committee.


I work in the Law School as the program coordinator for the Academic Enhancement Program (AEP). I am an academic staff and an active member of the Law School Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI). I have gained insights into the essence of shared-governance at the UW-Madison from my supervisor, and from my mentor in the Academic Staff Mentoring Program. I have served on school-wide committees which typically comprise of faculty, staff, and students. I now serve on the Orientation, Pre-Law Scholar Assessment, and the AEP Committees. I have experience with search and screen committees which requires skills and time commitment similar to how a nominating committee would function. Also, I am the AEP Liaison for students of color organizations: the Asian, Black, Latino, Indigenous, Middle Eastern law student associations. In addition, I participated in a variety of diversity and inclusion sessions at the 2016 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (N.C.O.R.E.).  Having on-going opportunities to identify academic support issues that different student-cohorts face and then working collaboratively with faculty, students, and staff to craft policies is also invaluable. I believe that my shared-governance experience on Law School committees and active involvement in the Law School CASI are great assets. I am excited to bring the totality of my unique experiences and collaborative style to serve on the Academic Staff Nominating Committee if given the opportunity to serve.


My name is Kenneth MacMillan and I would be honored to serve on the UW-Madison Academic Staff Nominating Committee. I began working for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health 2 ½ years ago after my middle school teaching position was eliminated due to budget cuts. My time as an educator helped me to develop my ability to judge character and identify potential. Both of those abilities would be put to great use as a member of this committee. While at the School of Medicine and Public Health I have often felt a sense of disconnect to the rest of the University. Part of my motivation to apply for this role is to try and bridge some of that disconnect. There are incredible people here and I would love to be able to help promote and connect our mission to the rest of the university.


I am an Administrative Specialist currently working in the Department of Neurology. I have worked on campus for more than 20 years. I have experience working in an outreach department, with a research group, in an academic department, and in a clinical department. Most recently, I have been working in departmental administration. I have experience with departmental (faculty) governance and experience the importance of shared governance and committee work first hand. My previous University service has included serving on departmental committees including Alumni Relations, Board of Visitors, Climate and Diversity, Computing & IT, Outreach, Student Awards, Undergraduate, and Web. I have also served on a self-study evaluation and an educational assessment committee.


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