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Statements for Districting and Representation Committee (DRC) Ballot

 Max Coller 

I am a Senior Information Processing Consultant in the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Information Technology office, and I’ve been a member of the academic staff since June of 2005.

I write software and manage projects that support research and graduate education on the UW-Madison campus. I interact daily with researchers, research administrators, prospective and current graduate students, graduate education coordinators, graduate admissions staff members, VCRGE leadership team members, and customers on and off campus.

My interest in serving on this committee is due in large part to a growing feeling that I need to participate more in shared governance on the UW-Madison campus.  While I have certainly benefited from others doing this work for me, I feel that it is now my turn to contribute to making our workplace better, and thus I am interested in serving on the Academic Staff Districting and Representation Committee. After working for 12 years on campus, I feel I have gathered sufficient experience that is relevant to share with the greater campus community, and it is time for me to be more participatory than I have been in thus far.  I feel that my technical background may be helpful to the redistricting effort, and I am interested in the challenges of creating proportional representation across a wide campus.


I am a Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist working in the Department of Human Oncology at UW Health. I have been in a variety of positions in the UW system since 1991 and in my current position since 1999. I work with persons living with a brain tumor. My role consists of educating the patient and their family regarding the treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. I assist patients and their families/support persons in managing the symptoms/side effects of these treatments. I also run a support group for patients and their support persons since 1999. In addition, I work with our clinical trials staff in getting clinical trials up and running and managing patient's symptoms while on trial. I organized and coordinated an education workshop for patients and caregivers which has now turned into a yearly event.

I have served in a variety of roles within the UW system over the years from staff nurse to management. I understand the realities of job insecurities within our system as I've been in positions that have been eliminated or where the position is a "rolling position" dependent upon funding. As with many of you, I've also "lived thru" the economic down turn of 2008 where we dealt with the "furloughs". Working at the hospital, I am among a group that is often under or un-represented in many components of shared governance. I've been looking for a way to become more active and felt this opportunity would allow me to participate in the decision process.

I feel I bring many strong skills for this role. I understand working as part of a team. I am an independent worker and am goal driven. While I typically bring a project to completion on time I understand that as a component of that project there MUST be a component of “listening to the membership’s needs before an “end point” can be reached. “Listening” is a major component of my interactions with patients on a daily basis.  You can’t make progress without listening so you fully understand the “problem”.

I hope you will consider me for a position on this committee. Thank you for your time.


I am interested and very enthusiastic to continue serving on DRC for another term. Over the last few years I have enjoyed serving on DRC and have learned about the committees responsibilities and believe I am in a good position to be an effective member for another term. The committee is in the midst of making suggestions to the assembly to revamp districting rules so they are in compliance with the district size requirement and insure fair representation of all academic staff and I would like to see this project through to completion.

I have been on campus for many years, as a student, (undergrad and graduate) post doctoral fellow and as for the last 27 years as a Faculty Associate in the Department of Bacteriology. My main responsibilities are to teach many of the Microbiology undergraduate lecture and laboratory courses ( 8 on a rotational basis) and to advise Microbiology and Biology students in CALS and L&S. I have served on numerous committees at the department, college, and university level. A non-comprehensive list of committee works includes: departmental curriculum and awards committees, college level Academic Planning Council, Curriculum, Scholastic Policies and Action Committees, and university level Professional Development and Representation Committee, ASEC, University Academic Planning Council and Joint Budget Analysis plus search and ad hoc planning committees. I believe that it is important that academic staff work to have their voices heard and positively affect policy that promotes the university’s work to fulfill its missions. Insuring fair representation in the Assembly is an important part of this process.


I am currently the co-chair of the DRC, and the DRC has begun a transition of the districting process to streamline the process and bring district size back into line with the bylaws.  Being currently the data maestro of the group I'd like to be around to complete this work.

I have been with the University since 1977 as a Teaching Assistant. In 1983 I became an Instrumentation Innovator and in 1989 became an Information Processing Consultant.  For the last 19 years or so I have been working as a Systems Developer.


Recently I have wanted to get more involved with the broader university community and am interested in helping it function. The Academic Staff Districting and Representation Committee seems like a way to fulfill those interests. I would be interested equity and environmental sustainability issues.

I have worked in the chemistry department for seven years as an assistant faculty associate with the Chemistry Learning Center. My primary role is to lead small group instructional sessions for students in introductory general chemistry. Most of the students are from underrepresented student recruitment programs or have some risk factor that decreases their likelihood of success in the course.

My current position is my first full-time job with the university. I originally came to the university as a graduate student in the geography department where I was a teaching assistant and lecturer for many years. I also worked as a project assistant with the PEOPLE Program, a university recruitment program for underrepresented students. I was a very active volunteer with the Teaching Assistants’ Association for a number of years and spent a few months as a limited term employee with them.

I have been aware of the service side of academic life since I was a child. My father was a sociology professor who served on two different occasions as his department chair and as the chair of the promotion and tenure committee. While a graduate student at the University of Michigan, I held numerous roles including bargaining team member and president with the Graduate Employees Organization, the TA labor union.


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