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Professional Development and Recognition Committee Minutes 2-13-15

PDRC Meeting Minutes
Friday, February 13, 2015
9:00 - 10:00 am
Union South
Present: Jeff Armstrong, Jeff Bohrer, Nick Ewoldt, Jay Ford, Amy Hawley, John Klatt, Stephanie Kutz, Chris Lupton, Alison Rice, Curtis Ryals

The meeting was called to order at 9:03 am.

Automatic consent business
- January minutes were approved without dissent.

Standing subcommittee reports

- PD Grants: Amy/Stephanie J.
•    Will put sample applications on the website with new dates
•    A reminder that Academic Staff includes:
       o    Clinical academic staff with “professor” titles (CHS Professor; Clinical Professor) who are not tenure-track faculty in the health sciences, veterinary medicine, law school
       o    Category B pay grade (e.g., State Lab of Hygiene, Veterinary Diagnostics Lab)
       o    In the future, may also include some formerly classified staff who elect to switch to academic staff as part of the HR Redesign
               •    PDRC should consider asking for more funds, and being ready for possibly different kinds of professional development requests as a result of HR Redesign changes

- Awards: Elisabeth/Jeff B./John
•    Review committee chairs should contact nominators between Feb. 23 – Mar. 3, using sample letter in packet available on Box
•    Discussion of lower number of applicants this year
       o    John will ask Secretary if last year’s nominators of non-winners were invited to resubmit this year

- Exec Ed Grants: Jay/Alison
•    Submissions due Mar 1-27,
•    Updated description emphasizes that award is for 2-3 day classes only
•    See handouts for 2015 timeline, Memo, revised review form

Committee business

- Finalize plans for DCS course-voucher program
•    Decision – DCS vouchers will go to awardees in parallel with Classified Staff vouchers
•    Jeff will talk to Julie about whether it would also be possible to give vouchers to non-winning nominees
•    Plan is to evaluate program after this round; e.g., were vouchers used?

- Award for Excellence in Research in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

•    Keep this item on the agenda; Alison still plans to check in with L&S Associate Dean Sue Zaeske; Jeff will join Alison for that meeting if schedules permit

- Committee size

- Academic Staff governance priorities for 2014-2015

•    Ad hoc subcommittee on funding professional development grants
       o    Stephanie K will follow up

•    Promotion/communication; guest: Diane Stojanovich, Communications Committee
•    Looking for ways to recognize Academic Staff, raise awareness, get out good stories
•    Chancellor Blank has stated that we need to share our stories
       o    Discussion of profiling award winners and nominees and their impact on campus. Need permission to share their application?
       o    If from Wisconsin, could send stories to their hometown newspapers
       o    Could add photos and bios to their unit homepages (last year: 50 nominees, 9 awardees)
•    Publicize list of recipients to local units
•    Awards subcommittee chairs asked to come up with some exemplars for March meeting of outstanding non-winning nominees that could be featured

The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 am.

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