Academic Staff Policies and Procedures Table of Contents

Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP) is the governing document for academic staff employed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It includes information on appointment types, nonrenewal/layoff procedures, discipline and dismissal, appeal/grievance rights, and performance reviews and personnel files. It also contains the bylaws for the Academic Staff Assembly, which represents academic staff “in the governance of and policy development for the institution.”

ASPP was created in 1978. The most recent revisions to the document were effective as of January 1, 2018.

Table of Contents


1.01. Coverage
1.02. Delegation
1.03. Definitions
2.01. Types of Appointment
2.02. Letters of Appointment
2.03. Annual Salary Notification Letters
2.04. Periods of Evaluation
2.05. Review of Appointment Status
2.06. Continuance of Employment Rights and Privileges
2.07. Indefinite Appointment
2.08. Probationary Appointment
2.09. Academic Staff with Limited Appointments
3.01. Nonrenewal Defined
3.02. Grounds for Nonrenewal
3.03. Employer's Responsibility in Cases of Nonrenewal for Funding Loss or a Budget or Program Decision
3.04. Employer's Responsibility in Cases of Nonrenewal for Performance
3.05. Notice
3.06. Referral Priority
3.07. Right to Appeal
3.08. Appeal Process
3.09. Joinder of Nonrenewal Appeals
5.01. Layoff Defined
5.02. Employer's Responsibility in Making a Layoff Decision
5.03. Approval of a Layoff Decision
5.04. Notice
5.05. Right to Appeal
5.06. Appeal Process
5.07. Joinder of Layoff Appeals
5.08. Layoff Status Defined
5.09. Reappointment Rights and Referral Priority
6.01. Grounds for Discipline and Dismissal
6.02. Discipline
6.03. Dismissal
7.01. Informal Resolution
7.02. Grievance Procedure
8.01. Right to be Informed of Complaint
8.02. Right to be Notified of Investigation and Right to Respond
8.03. Investigation and Notification
8.04. Right of Appeal
9.01. Purpose
9.02. Composition and Procedures
9.03. Conduct of Reviews
9.04. Conduct of Hearings
9.05. Procedural Guarantees
9.06. Reports and Evaluations of Appeals
10.01. Review
10.02. Purpose of the Performance Review
10.03. Methods of Performance Review
10.04. Establishing or Changing the Method of Review
10.05. Individual Written Review at the Request of a Staff Member
10.06. Notification of New Employees
10.07. Relationship to Annual Merit
11.01. Contents
11.02. Access
11.03. Modification of the Personnel File
11.04. Confidentiality and Security
11.05. Retention
12.01. General
12.02. Reporting
12.03. Action to Avoid Conflict of Interest
12.04. Service to Granting Agencies or as an Expert Witness
12.05. Use of University Facilities, Services and Staff
13.01. Name and Object
13.02. The Assembly
13.03. Meetings
13.04. Parliamentary Authority
13.05. Amendments to Chapter 13
13.06. Structural Changes
14.01. Academic Staff Committees
14.02. Joint Governance Committee
14.03. Consultants
14.04. Appointments to Committees
14.05. Election of Academic Staff to Committees
14.06. Terms of Office
14.07. Committee Chairs
14.08. Committee Reports, Records, Recommendations, and Policies
14.09. Meetings
14.10. Quorum Rule
14.11. Appeal From and Review of Committee Decisions
14.12. Committees of the Academic Staff
14.13. Committees of the Faculty with Academic Staff Representation
14.14. Joint Governance Committees

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