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1Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 01-04-18795972020-07-132484
2Academic Staff Asssembly Agenda 09-11-17762742020-07-132873
3Academic Staff Assembly September 2017 Meeting Follow-up Materials764892020-07-132690
4Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 12-11-17800932020-07-132588
5Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 11-13-17786922020-07-132324
6Academic Staff Assembly Documents 09-11-17762782020-07-132640
7Academic Staff Assembly March 2018 Meeting Follow-up Materials809522020-07-132466
8Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 05-14-18856992020-07-132246
9Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 03-12-18815852020-07-132412
10Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 02-12-18809502020-07-132372
11Academic Staff Assembly Documents 10-09-17771062020-07-132708
12Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 10-09-17782342020-07-132803
13Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 09-11-17772562020-07-132621
14Academic Staff Assembly Documents 12-11-17785182020-07-133215
15Academic Staff Assembly Documents 11-13-17780092020-07-133003
16Academic Staff Assembly Documents 03-12-18806362020-07-133111
17Academic Staff Assembly Agenda 10-09-17771052020-07-132678
18Academic Staff Assembly Agenda 11-13-17780082020-07-132705
19Academic Staff Assembly Agenda 03-12-18806372020-07-132820
20Academic Staff Assembly Documents 02-12-18798842020-07-133234
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