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ASM Calls for UW to Fire Rich Yaeger

Posted: 2020-11-13 17:46:58   Expiration: 2050-11-22 02:46:58

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ASM Calls for UW to Fire Rich Yaeger

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison (ASM) condemns the harassment, assault, hate, and threats that University of Wisconsin-Madison Senior Power Plant Operator, Rich Yaeger, incited toward students who were peacefully protesting on November 6, 2020. Under no circumstance should the University tolerate this type of behavior.

We call on Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration, Laurent Heller, Chief Human Resources Officer, Mark Walters, and Chancellor, Rebecca Blank, to take action and discipline against Rich Yaeger - who is under their collective supervision. This represents another individual under Vice Chancellor Heller’s discretion that yet again has actively worked to suppress the student voice.

Student testimony, video evidence, and posts by Rich Yaeger on his personal blog and social media demonstrate his lack of remorse for running over human beings on a motorcycle. Additionally, Rich Yaeger’s social media has racist rheotric and white supremacist ideologies which creates a hostile environment at the University.

ASM is an organization that at large advocates on behalf of students. Student safety and well-being is a priority of this organization and this incident jeopardizes students’ physical and mental health. We hold the university to a zero tolerance standard for hateful rhetoric, white supremacy, and physical violence. ASM encourages people to speak out against acts of hate. We pledge to continue creating a campus that is a safe and welcoming space for all students.

ASM demands the University immediately places Rich Yaeger on unpaid leave and subsequently terminates him without severance. Additionally, ASM implores Chancellor Blank and her Vice Chancellors to release a statement condemning violence against their students.

Any action otherwise is an insult to the students who experienced violence at the hands of this individual.

We demand justice.

In solidarity,

Matthew Mitnick - he/him/his 

Aerin Leigh Lammers - she/her/hers
Vice Chair

Brandon Springer - he/him/his 
Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair

Emma Cline - she/her/hers
Outreach Director

Ellen Abad Santos - she/her/hers
Vote Coordinator

Kevin Jacobson - he/him/his
Shared Governance Campaign Director

Crystal Zhao - she/her/hers
Diverse Engagement Coordinator

Robyn George- she/her/hers
Legislative Affairs Committee Chair

Katie McGlasson - she/her/hers
Shared Governance Chair

Samuel Jorudd - he/him/his
Grant Allocation Committee Chair

Emma Hoff - she/her/hers
Student Council Representative

Kylan Bartel - he/him/his
Student Council Representative

Chris Unterberger - he/him/his
Student Council Representative

Lennox Owino - he/him/his 
Nominations Board Chair

Brian Li - he/him/his
Student Council Representative

Robbie Manuel - he/him/his
Student Council Representative

Jacob Broehm - he/him/his
Press Office Director

Marybeth McGinnis - she/her/hers
Student Council Representative

-- Associated Students of Madison: Jacob Broehm