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ASM Applauds Regent Vote, Call to Action

Posted: 2023-12-09 23:04:48   Expiration: 2033-12-18 23:04:48

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9 December 2023

Kate O’Malley, Press Office Director


ASM Applauds Regent Vote, Call to Action

MADISON, WI — Today, the Universities of Wisconsin Board of Regents voted down an agreement that would have traded critical DEI initiatives for other funding matters. 

For months, the Wisconsin State Legislature has blocked pre-approved developments for UW-Madison, such as regularly scheduled pay raises and the construction of a new engineering building because of the Universities of Wisconsin’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Investment in our staff and faculty, as well as the physical infrastructure that creates our wonderful 987-acre campus, is vital.

The Associated Students of Madison (ASM) applauds the Board of Regents decision to listen to their students and staff and deny this deal. ASM is proud that our Universities remain committed to our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. This vote provides a beacon of hope for the 6,174 first-generation college students, our 5,267 Pell Grant recipients, our 4,937 underrepresented students of color among our undergraduate cohort, our student veterans, our students who are parents, our queer and trans students, our non-traditional and returning students, our commuter students, and our white students that they all belong and are valued here.

We will continue to advocate for the involvement and input of students in all decision-making processes. Moreover, ASM remains steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that the wellbeing of students is not a tool for our legislators to bargain with in further negotiations.

To all those who took the time to email the Board of Regents, reached out to their legislators, or shared the words of this agreement with their respective community: thank you. As a student body, we are at our strongest when we unite our efforts to provoke positive change and assert our power during times where we feel as though our agency is absolved. Let this be a fervent reminder to push forward and advocate for the student voice in every capacity.  

This issue began with the Legislature withholding pay for all Universities of Wisconsin employees, cutting funding for the Universities of Wisconsin, and failing to approve funding for the engineering building. We do not want to diminish what this means for the many workers on our campus, who critically need and deserve these raises. As such, we encourage students, faculty, staff, and concerned Wisconsinites to contact their state legislators and demand they fund our universities and support our staff. You can find your legislator’s contact information here:

Email Template to Send to the Wisconsin State Legislators


My name is [YOUR NAME], a concerned citizen of the state of Wisconsin. I am reaching out to express my strong support for the Universities of Wisconsin and ask that you restore funding, approve pay raises, and approve the new UW Madison Engineering building. Investing in the Universities of Wisconsin is investing in the future of Wisconsin. Supporting our students, staff, and faculty is critical to the success of our economy and our state.

The DEI initiatives that are in place at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have enhanced student experience, furthered the Wisconsin Idea, and cultivated a culture of inclusivity for all campus community members.

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-- Associated Students of Madison: Kate O’Malley