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ASM Holds First Meeting of Spring Semester

Posted: 2024-01-25 03:37:10   Expiration: 2034-02-01 23:37:10

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25 January 2024

Kate O’Malley, Press Office Director


ASM Holds First Meeting of Spring Semester 

MADISON, WI — This Wednesday, January 24th the Student Council met for the first time of the Spring semester to discuss new legislation relating to data safety and income taxes for graduate students. 

The first order of business was the Support for University Review of Internal Electronic Data Safety Protocols bill. This legislation was created in light of recent news of a security breach regarding graduate students applications to the University. Ultimately, ASM is calling upon the University to reevaluate their internal systems and limit unnecessary access to student records by collaborating with the shared governance Information Technology committee. The Associated Students of Madison continues to prioritize the safety and privacy of students, and passed this legislation with unanimous consent. The legislation can be viewed here

The second piece of legislation introduced was the Support for Elimination of Income Taxes on Student Loan Relief. Wisconsin is 1 of 6 states who currently imposes taxes on student loan forgiveness as an income tax. Imposing income tax on income that was never received is detrimental to the financial stability of graduate students in Wisconsin. Thus, ASM calls upon the University, legislature, and Governor to support the Assembly Bill 948/ Senate Bill 859 which eliminates this tax on loan forgiveness. This legislation was passed with unanimous consent and can be viewed here

The next Student Council meeting will be on Wednesday, February 7th at 6:30 p.m. at 333 East Campus Mall. 


-- Associated Students of Madison: Kate O’Malley