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Internal Budget / ASM

Each year, ASM students adopt a budget to carry out the mission of their student association at UW–Madison.


1) Coordinating Council implements a procedure for reviewing and drafting a new budget, led by the Student Council Chair and Vice Chair.

2) Coordinating Council drafts an internal budget and submits it to Student Council no later than Nov. 1.

3) Student Council debates and adopts a budget with a majority vote. The adopted budget is sent to SSFC for review.

4) The Student Council Chair presents the budget to SSFC. SSFC may amend the budget with a majority vote. The SSFC adopted version of the budget is sent back to Student Council for review.

5) Student Council may amend the SSFC version of the budget with a two-thirds vote.

6) Student Council must adopt a final version of the budget with a majority vote by Feb. 21.

ASM Internal Budget Components
Here’s what’s included in the Fiscal Year (FY) 23 budget, which runs from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023:
Support for Students and Organizations
  • Wages and fringe costs for three professional financial staff, Shared Governance Project Assistant, ASM office hourly employees, and food pantry student employees. $282,184

  • Supply and service costs for the Student Organization Fair co-sponsorship; Grant Allocation Committee event, operation, travel, and open fund grants for student organizations; funding for disability accommodations at student activities; the Tenant Resource Center contract; and the Rape Crisis Center contract. $483,000
Leadership Development Programming
  • Wages and fringe costs for ASM Director and two staff advisors. $288,916

  • Wages for Student Council leadership, committee chairs, and Grant Allocation Committee members. $61,788

  • Food pantry and general ASM programming. $2,500

  • Orientations and trainings on and off campus for interns, student council, grant allocation committee, ASM staff, coordinating council, and students in general. $9,950

  • Travel to state and national events such as meetings of the Board of Regents, USSA, ABTS, and UW System Student Reps. $15,000

  • ASM recruitment drives. $1,000
Supplies & Services
  • Printing, postage, office supplies, the campus technology fee, and the copy machine contract. $42,836

  • Advertising for ASM outreach and recruitment and advertising for open staff positions. $350

  • Computer equipment maintenance and replacement. $3,000

  • General carry-over. $1,000
Total ASM internal budget for 2022-2023: $1,191,523

If you’d like more detailed information on the ASM budget, please contact us:

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