General Student Services Fund Eligibility and Budget Application Materials

Last Updated: 5/12/2021

New and returning GSSF organizations submit eligibility and budget applications every year for the following year's funding. In order to receive a budget within the GSSF, organizations must successfully receive and maintain eligibility.

The following documents are necessary to be uploaded throughout the application:
We have also included a master list of Application Questions that require written answers, as we're aware that some GSSF organizations work on these together.
A full list of application instructions and where to submit can be found on the GSSF Application Website.

The GSSF Budget Application is accepted beginning in May through the official due date found in the SSFC Calendar.

All student organizations must be officially registered and in good standing with the Center for Leadership and Involvement in order to receive a budget hearing. No late applications will be accepted unless granted an extension by the SSFC and must still abide by the late application deadline found in the SSFC Calendar.