General Student Services Fund Determining Cost for Expenses

Last updated 11/20/2020

There are many helpful resources to help determine costs for proposed budgets for the General Student Services Fund.

Below are frequently used vendors by the GSSF, however GSSF organizations are able to select any vendor they'd like to work with:

Badger Herald
Daily Cardinal

Office Supplies
Division of Information Technology (DoIT) - computer soft/hardware

Printing (fliers, brochures, t-shirts)

Promotional Items

Campus Catering
Union(s) Catering
Housing Catering
Pyle Center Catering

Space Rentals
On Campus Space Reservations for RSOs
Please discuss any off campus space reservations with the SSFC Financial Specialist.

It is important to recognize that the Student Services Finance Committee expects direct estimates and quotes of costs when asking for funding.