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The Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC) is a 15 member committee responsible for dispersing $51 million collected through student segregated fees in consultation with Student Council and the Chancellor. The decisions made by SSFC are sent to Student Council for confirmation, before going before the UW-Madison Chancellor and finally the UW System Board of Regents for approval. It is students’ right and obligation to oversee the distribution of segregated fees, as specified in Wisconsin Statute 36.09(5).

The Committee determines annual funding levels and provides oversight for student organizations housed within the General Student Services Fund, GSSF, as well as WSUM Student Radio. SSFC also approves student-negotiated contracts with Madison Metro, which specify the level and cost of bus service on campus. In conjunction with Student Council, SSFC also determines funding levels for the Tenant Resource Center and the Rape Crisis Center, as well as total funding available for travel, event, and operations grants to registered student organizations (grants are awarded to student organizations through the Grant Allocation Committee).

SSFC also holds budget hearings and provides student recommendations for several multi-million dollar operations on campus, including University Health Services, the Division of Recreational Sports, the Wisconsin Union, and the Childcare Tuition Assistance Program. Under UW System Administrative Policy 820, Segregated University Fees, the Chancellor has primary authority over these fees. 

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10General Student Services Fund Authorized Signer Form1045752023-07-102167
11General Student Services Fund Co-Sponsorship1045302023-07-102104
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