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Close Posting :: Student Hourly - Close and Manage a Student Job Posting

When you're ready to close your job posting you will need to follow the instructions below to make sure that no one else applies to the "live" job on the UW Student Jobs website and to inform any applicants who will not be offered employment for the position.

There are many tools in the Student Jobs Platform that you can use to manage your job postings. The Administrative Services Unit (ASU) only requires you to use the following functionality:

  1. Communicating with applicants to inform them of their status
  2. Manage a student job posting

1)  Send Letters of Regret to Applicants Not Moving Forward in Recruitment Process

  1. Review the Change Applicant Status training video  under Manage Your Jobs.
  2. Review the ASU-specific instructions for changing an applicants status to "No Longer Considered" in the Change Status to No Longer Considered PDF.
  3. Send the notification email to applicants that are no longer considered through the Student Jobs Platform.

2) Manage A Student Job Posting

For more information on how to manage your student job posting (e.g. viewing applications, changing applicant status, scheduling interviews) please review the training videos and materials under "Manage Your Jobs" on the Student Job Platform website.

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