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Software Available to the Biochemistry Department

This document outlines the software available to the Biochemistry department, instructions for download and installation, and policies regarding software licensing and use.

As a member of the Biochemistry Department and UW-Madison, users have access to an array of licensed software and substantial discounts to purchase software. We strongly encourage creating a ticket on the Job Board for any software needs, as Biochem IT can help point users to campus or departmentally licensed software.

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is installed on all departmentally managed computers to offer end-users the ability to add software without the need for a local administrator account. The App library is continuing to grow and should be the first place users check for software. This is the first place users should check if software is needed on a departmental computer.

The Intelligent Hub app can be found on both macOS and Windows computers.


The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub can be found in the Applications folder in the Finder.

Intelligent Hub on MacOS


On Windows, use the search feature to search for the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app or find it in the list of apps in the Start menu.

Intelligent Hub on Windows

Additional Available Software

Campus Software

UW-Madison has licensed a variety of software that is provided at no-charge. Some software in the Campus Software Library is available for all computers, other software can only be installed only on UW-owned computers. For more information and access to UW licensed software visit the Campus Software Library.

Campus Software Library 

For installation of programs from the Campus Software Library on departmentally owned and managed computers, please open a ticket on the Job Board. Many of the software installs require specific configurations to function properly in our environment.

Departmental Software

The Biochemistry Department has licensed software for use by Biochemistry users to assist you in your research. These programs are only available to current members of the department of Biochemistry. These programs MUST be removed from personally owned devices once you are no longer part of Biochemistry.


Graphpad Prism 


Apple App Store Purchases

Biochem IT, Purchasing and the Biochem Office have developed a method to purchase applications for University owned iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices using your lab's funding. The purchases are handled through the Biochem Storeroom and can be accomplished using the following process.

  1. Locate the App you are interested in purchasing in the appropriate App Store
  2. Click the Share button to get a link to the application
  3. Open a ticket on the Job Board with a Request Type of IT Request - App Store Quote
  4. Paste the link address you copied into this ticket along with the application name and quantity you wish to purchase

The Storeroom price will be determined (there is a campus policy required markup to cover accounting expenses but also may be volume discounts) and sent back to you in the ticket. Once you have this information, you place an order with Biochemistry Purchasing. After the order is placed with Purchasing, IT is notified and will purchase the Application.

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