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Beginning with macOS 10.14 "Mojave", Apple has made a series of changes to macOS's managed update platform which have introduced inconsistencies in how macOS updates can be applied centrally by IT administrators. These changes make it difficult to create a uniform macOS update strategy across Biochemistry Department's Macs. To help address this, Biochemistry IT has implemented "Nudge", an application that delivers user-facing update prompts, to encourage users to keep their departmentally-managed Macs up-to-date and to provide users a more consistent macOS update experience.

How does it work?

Nudge applies to departmentally-managed Macs running macOS 11 "Big Sur" or later. When a new security update is released, users of macOS devices with Nudge installed will begin to receive a notification from Nudge prompting them to update their device. The notification will detail what action is needed from the user to begin the update process on the particular version of macOS that is installed on the system. This notification will always include the UW-Madison crest. This process only applies to operating system updates; updates to third-party applications, such as Firefox or Excel, can still be delivered in the background without user intervention needed.

Nudge Screen Sample

What do I have to do?

Once the Nudge notification appears, users may defer installing the update for a maximum of 30 days, after which Nudge will blur the Mac's background screen until the user clicks "Update Device" and chooses to install the update specified in the Nudge notification. The frequency of Nudge notifications will increase as the deadline approaches. Clicking "Update Device" will open the System Settings (or System Preferences on older versions of macOS). Users will complete the update using the standard macOS update processes. Instructions for applying macOS Software Updates is available at Software Updates - macOS Applying Updates.

macOS updates typically take 15 to 30 minutes to apply and will require a reboot. If Nudge indicates that an update is required but that update version doesn't appear in System Settings or System Preferences after clicking "Update Device", try rebooting your Mac and attempt to install the update again.

Exception Requests

If Nudge notifications significantly impact your ability to perform work duties, please submit a ticket on the Biochemistry Job Board to request an exception from the Nudge software. Please include your computer's asset number and a business justification for exception to expedite evaluation of your request. Please note that the security updates Nudge is notifying you about are required by UW Policy UW-526 (Endpoint Management and Security).

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