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DNS is the method used by computers to translate human-friendly names like into computer-friendly network addresses like 2607:f388:1014::12. There are two primary aspects of DNS that concern the Department of Botany:

  • Resolving records related to other domains on the Internet (recursive resolution).
  • Serving records associated with (authoritative resolution).

Recursive Resolution

Recursive resolution is what most people use the most often. They want to surf the web and they recursive resolution to translate names like into numeric addresses. In the case of the Department of Botany, we use two different nameservers operated by DoIT to provide recursive resolution. The only reason this information might interest you is if you want to configure your operating system manually with a static IP address. Clients who get their IP address information via DHCP get this information automatically.

Use the IPv4 addresses below, unless you know that your system is actively using, and properly configured for, IPv6.

IPv4 Name Servers


IPv6 Name Servers

  • 2607:f388::53:1
  • 2607:f388::53:2

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