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Specify Client Configuration for Specify Administrators


The first step in logging in to Specify is to ensure that you have the proper version of the Specify client. Specify occasionally changes the database schema against which clients run, so if your client doesn't match the database schema you may experience problems with the program. Version 1.6 of the Specify database schema is currently in use on the Botany database server. If you're following the Specify link above, make sure to download the Full version of Specify; do not use the Specify EZDB version.

In addition to the Specify client, your computer must also have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. Specify has instructions on their website as to which Java version you need and how to install it for your platform.

Once you have the client and JRE installed, launch the client software.

You should see a screen like the one below.


On that screen, click on the More Information item. You should now see a screen that looks like the following.


You may need to enter the following information:

  • Database: specify
  • Server: specify.botany.wisc.ecdu
  • Port: 3306

Once you have that information entered, click on the Configure Master Key button. That will bring up the window seen below.


Ensure that Encryption key stored in local preferences is checked. Click on the Generate Master... button.


You should now see the window see above. Enter the Master Username and Password you got from Botany IT. Enter the User's Username and Password you got from the Specify administrator or Botany IT. Click on the Generate button to return to the previous screen.


You should now see something that looks like the above with a long string of characters in the Encrypted Username/Password field. Click on the Continue button.


The primary login window should now be on the screen again as seen above. Enter the username and password you got from the Specify administrator or Botany IT in the Username and Password fields. Click on the Login button. After a brief delay (which may be more pronounced if you are not on the UW-Madison campus), you should see the screen below prompting you to choose a collection.


Select a collection, click on the OK button, and after another brief delay the main Specify window will open.

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