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Sharing Files and Folders

Box offers several different options for sharing files and folders with other people.

  • To share files and folders with other users, please see: Creating Shared Links

    In addition to the article above, please also note the following:

    • You can use the instructions above to share with any Box user, including those outside of UW-Madison; however, non-UW Box accounts will not automatically populate in the email address field.
    • It is recommended that you enter a user's standard WiscMail address (i.e. netid@wisc.edu) when adding them as a collaborator. WiscMail Plus addresses will only work if the account owner has specifically registered this address as an alias within Box.
    • For instructions on registering your own WiscMail Plus account as an alternate address for Box, please see: UW-Madison Box - Linking Alternate Addresses

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Shared Links

Shared links provide an easy way to grant access to your files and folders. By leveraging a variety of additional permissions options, you can use shared links to facilitate many levels of access and collaboration.

For information on generating shared links and customizing permissions, please see: Shared Link Settings

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Collaboration Folders

If you know that you will be collaborating on multiple files with the same group of people, you have the option of creating a collaboration folder to easily organize your files while also managing collaborator permissions.

For instructions on creating folders and enabling collaboration, please see: Create New Files And Folders

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Advanced Collaboration Features

There are a number of settings that allow you to customize permissions and view options for collaboration. For more information on the various options available to you, please see: Folder Settings and UW-Madison Box - Folder Structure and Permissions

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For more information on issues related to collaboration and sharing, please see: Collaboration Frequently Asked Questions

Collaboration Permissions

In Box, permissions are generally set using access levels, which essentially equate to "roles". Each one of these roles entails a specific set of actions that a user with that access level can perform.

For a breakdown of the actions that can be performed by users who are granted these various access levels, please see: Understanding Collaborator Permission Levels

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Project Directories

In addition to user-based enterprise Box accounts, UW-Madison Box also offers the option to request a project directory for long-term group collaboration. For more information on how project directories work and how you can request one, please see: UW-Madison Box - Project Directories

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