XenApp for Windows (Remote Access to CAE Applications)

Remotely access CAE applications online through XenApp. How to install and connect to XenApp. XenApp allows you to access many of CAE's software remotely. You do not need WiscVPN running to use this program.

WARNING: It is best practice to save files to your CAE filespace, or setup UW storage through KUMO. DO NOT SAVE TO THE LOCAL COMPUTER unless you are certain that you are saving to YOUR computer and that you verify that the file is on YOUR computer. The Default place to save to "This PC" in XenApp is on the XenApp server. This will cause your files to be lost forever. See links at the bottom of the page for more info.

NOTE: XenApp can be run without installing the Citrix Receiver. To do this, follow the directions below, but at step 4, click "Log on" instead of clicking agree and install, then skip to step 9.

If you are getting an error that reads "Incorrect Credentials. Try again", be sure that you are using your CAE credentials to log on. If you still get the error, and you have not changed your password recently, it may be due to an invalid character or string of characters in your password. If you changed your password in the last few minutes, give it a couple more minutes and try again as the system takes a few minutes to refresh.

Note: XenApp will automatically timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity, or 12 hours after login. 

1. Navigate to https://remote.engr.wisc.edu with an internet browser.

2. Once the page is loaded, it should look like the image below.


3. Log in using your CAE Username and Password.  Now the page should look like this:


4.  Click "Detect Receiver"

5. Accept the License Agreement and click Download.

Go to your Downloads folder. There should now be a file called "CitrixWorkspaceApp". Please click on this and click Install. This will install the XenApp online plug-in.

6. Once the Installation finishes, a window should pop up looking like this. Click "Add Account"

7. After clicking add account, a new window will pop up. Add https://remote.engr.wisc.edu into the field and click Add. Log in with your CAE username and password.

8. Once you logged in, a window will pop up asking you to log in again with your domain, use "ENGR\" followed by your CAE username. For example, "ENGR\bbadger":


9. You should now be able to search for "Citrix Workspace" on your computer, and when you open it you will see the applications currently available through Xenapp.  

     To launch any of the programs, simply click on their icon.

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