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File Sharing: FileZilla

Transferring files with FileZilla.

FileZilla is one of the FTP (file transfer protocol) programs of choice in the CAE because it uses Secure FTP (sftp). Other programs can be used for non-sensitive information but may be accessed by anyone.

Step 1. Install FileZilla
You can download a copy from FileZilla's website.

Step 2. Start FileZilla
The application screen should look something like this:

Step 3. Configure FileZilla
Go to File -> Site Manager. Click "New Site" and you'll see this screen:

Enter the following information:
  • Host:
  • Port: 22
  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Logon type: Ask for password
    • We recommend you don't save your password for security purposes
  • User: Your CAE username
Click "Rename" and enter the name you want for this site (e.g. CAE). Your session information is now saved.

Step 4. Connect to the servers
Press Connect, check Always and click "OK" at the prompt to save CAE's host key, and enter your password when prompted. You will now be connected and should see a screen like this:

Step 5. Move your files
You will see four main panels once connected: the left panels show your local directories and files and the right panels show the remote (CAE) directories and files. You can navigate directories normally, where the ".." directory is the parent directory in the hierarchy. To copy a file, simply navigate to the folder where it's located, drag it from one panel to the other, and it will be copied into the destination folder. This works for copying both from your local computer to your CAE drive and from your CAE drive to your local computer.

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