Printing with engr-dept-print

Print using the departmental print server


  • Navigate to \\\ (either through Run or via an explorer window)
  • This should prompt you for a username and password to connect, enter "ENGR\caeusername" and your password.  Unless this is a shared computer, you should select "Remember my credentials" so that you aren't prompted for your password every time you print.
  • Find the printer you are looking to use, right-click and choose "Connect."  It may take a few minutes to install the print drivers, but once done you should be able to print.
There are 2 different ways to print from a Mac.  If the below doesn't work, contact your Departmental Support Person (DSP) for assistance.
The local username has to be the same as your CAE account for printing to work.  If you need to change it, you can follow the instructions here:
  • Open settings on your Mac
  • Select “Printers and scanners”
  • Add a printer
  • Select the tab that looks like a globe (IP)
  • Make sure the protocol is “Line Printer Daemon – LPD”
  • The address should read: “
  • queue should be the name of the printer: printer_name
  • The generic postscript driver often will work, but if you installed a specific driver you can do that.  

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