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SMB/CIFS mounting on Linux

Options for mounting and accessing CAE user directories remotely via SMB/CIFS mounting on Linux

The addresses of CAE smb shares are smb:// for CAE Groupspace and smb://<FirstLetterOfCAEUsername>/<CAEUsername> for CAE Filespace. You also need the domain to be ENGR and you will use your CAE credentials

Option 1: File manager

In your desktop file browser (eg. Thunar, Dolphin), use the navigation bar and enter in smb://<servername>/<sharename>.

Depending on which distribution of Linux you are using, you may need to click on "Other Locations" and use the "Connect to Server" field instead of just entering the address into the navigation bar. Example screenshots of both Debian and Ubuntu are included below.


     Debian Server Address


     Ubuntu Server Address

You should get a prompt asking for your credentials. Be sure to specify the Domain as ENGR and sign in with your CAE credentials.  You can choose how long the password will be saved, but we would recommend selecting Forget Password Immediately, as shown in the Debian image below.  Depending on your distribution of Linux, you may need to specify you are connecting as an Authorized User, instead of an Anonymous one.


    Debian Login Info


     Ubuntu Login Info

Option 2: Command line

The following command will mount the filesystem in a sub-directory of /run/user/${UID}/gvfs:

$ gio mount smb://<servername>/<sharename>

Make sure the domain is ENGR, and to use your CAE credentials. You can then symlink that somewhere more convenient ie: $ ln -s /run/user/${UID}/gvfs ~/gvfs. Note that gio mount is not persistent and must be run each time the computer is rebooted.

NOTE: You may need to install packages for the commands to be available, including libfuse3 and gvfs-fuse (for Debian/Ubuntu based machines).

Here is an example of creating a mount:

$ gio mount smb://

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