CoE VPN "Collaborator"

How to use the "collaborator" version of the CoE VPN. Collaborator mode is a special restricted version of the CoE VPN for users that have affiliations in the College of Engineering, but do not have access to UW paid resources. This version will give access to researcher's systems, but will not give access to CAE resources, software, or any other UW paid resources (library, etc.)

Important Note

"Collaborators" in the College of Engineering have a set of restrictions on their accounts, primarily due to the terms of software licensing. This includes restrictions on the use of software on CAE lab computers, XenApp and some or all of the Campus Software Library. As a result, collaborators will be unable to access CAE Linux lab computers. This means that collaborators cannot use to ssh to their clusters.

There are, however, other ways to access departmental resources that are behind the firewall in the College of Engineering. You can use PuTTY, Terminal, or similar SSH client to connect to "" and log in with your CAE credentials. You can then SSH to your destination without using "Best-Tux".

The Unity homredirs are not available on sshvpn, but they can be fetched from, or other non-linux methods such as (note that myfiles will require the use of the collaborator VPN). See for details about sftp.

How to setup the PaloAlto VPN client with the Collaborator Profile to Access the College of Engineering's VPN service

If you would like detailed instructions on how to install the PaloAlto GlobalConnect VPN client, please see these other Knowledge Base articles:

Collaborator Access

Do you have permission to use the Collaborator profile? While the profile to use the collaborator mode is freely available, there are specific access controls on your account that need to be set before you can use this service. If you are not sure if access has been granted, please contact the CAE Helpdesk at

Install the PaloAlto GlobalConnect VPN Client

Please note that you only need to install the PaloAlto GlobalConnect client once!

To install the PaloAlto GlobalConnect client, please follow the instructions listed here.

If the VPN client does not install properly, please contact

Connect to the Engineering VPN

  1. Start the PaloAlto GlobalConnect client. It will prompt for a portal address. Enter "".
  2. When you are asked for your username and password, enter your CAE ID and then enter the password that is associated with your CAE ID.

Congratulations! If the Engineering VPN accepted your username and password, the connection was successful.  If you would like to see information about your connection (IP address, etc.), go the the GlobalConnect setting and go to the "Connection" tab. 

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