Sending Screenshots to the CAE Helpdesk

If you encounter a problem with CAE provided services, taking a screenshot can be a good way to detail the problem or any error message that may show up. This article will explain how to best take and save screenshots that will be sent to the CAE Helpdesk.


To take a screenshot in Windows, press the print scrn key to take a screenhot of the entire window or alt + print scrn to take a screenshot of the active window only. This will save the screenshot to your clipboard.

Please do not paste the screenshot into an application like Word to send to the CAE Helpdesk. Instead, go into a photo editing program like Paint or Photoshop and paste the screenshot by going to file > paste or simply pressing Ctrl + V.

You can edit it if you like by putting an outline box around an area of interest, cropping, etc. When you are done, go to File > Save as and save it as a .png or .jpeg (.bmp will also work). Now you can attach the .png or .jpeg file to an e-mail to the CAE Helpdesk.

Note: Windows 7 and 10 users can also use the snipping tool to take screenshots (Simply type "snipping tool" in the windows 10 start menu, clicking "New" within Snipping Tool, and cropping the part of your screen you want included in the screenshot. Save as .png or .jpeg )


Press the Apple + Shift keys and:

  • 3 if you want to take a picture of the entire screen
  • 4 to get a crosshairs to select an area of the screen to capture
  • 4 and then the space bar to make a camera icon appear. Click on a window to take a screenshot of that window

The screenshot will be automatically saved to the desktop by default. In versions 10.3 and earlier, it will be saved as a jpeg. In versions 10.4 and later, it will be saved as a png by default. Both file types will work fine and you can now attach them in an e-mail to send to the Helpdesk.

If you want to edit the screenshot at all, you can open the screenshot in a program like Paintbrush. You can also add Ctrl to any of the keyboard shortcuts to place the image on your clipboard so you can paste it directly into an image editing program. Please save the image as a .png, .jpeg or .bmp when you are done.

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