Remote Access to Your CAE Files on the web

Remotely Accessing your CAE Files from a web browser

Files located on a CAE account can be accessed remotely through the site . When accessing this site, you will be prompted with a login box. Please use your CAE username and password

Please note that you will need to be on campus or connect via VPN. You can use your WiscVPN or Engineering connection for this:

WiscVPN for Windows and Mac

WiscVPN for Linux and Unix

Engineering VPN
You can also access this webpage through your My CAE Account page.  Navigate to, login using your CAE username and password, and click the "File Manager" link on the left side (under "Disk Space").  

To download a file, simply right click on the file, and select Download.  

To upload a file, select the upload button located at the top of the page. Then select the file to be uploaded by clicking the "..." button. Complete the process by pressing the "upload" button. 

Move Files
To move a file, right click on the file and select "cut". Then navigate to the desired folder, right click near the green arrow in the folder, and select paste. 

Folder Navigation
To access a folder, double click it in either the left or right pane. To go up a folder level, double click the green "up" arrow at the top of the page.

Mapping a Network Drive
  • WindowsAdditionally, you may Map a Network Drive (as in [Link for document 5937 is unavailable at this time.] ) in Windows. The full path to your personal CAE user space is \\\(first letter of your user name)\(your user name). For example, the path to mapping a drive to the user name ismith would be \\\i\ismith
  • Macintosh: To connect to your filespace on a Mac, you can use safari, or click "Go->Connect to Server" and enter smb:// letter of your user name)/(your user name). For example, the path to mapping a drive to the user name ismith would be smb://

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