Vhosts: Editing

How to access your vhost files to edit them

CAE will continue to support existing vhosts through the migration to DoIT platforms. This should be completed by the end of 2019. 

There are many ways of editing your CAE-hosted website. They include accessing the files by one of the following methods. Please note that in the below examples, you'll replace "something.engr.wisc.edu" with the web address of your VHost.

  • SMB (Windows): \\webedit.cae.wisc.edu\something.engr.wisc.edu ,
    smb v1 is not on in win 10 and shouldn't be turned or will be turned on by dsp managed machines and the preferred method is the sftp access.

    SMB (Mac): //webedit.cae.wisc.edu/something.engr.wisc.edu
    NOTE: Student Org sites use something.slc.engr.wisc.edu instead of something.engr.wisc.edu

    The process for editing the website from a windows machine is the following:

    Open Explorer (This PC), right click on This PC and select "map network drive". Clicking on that will give you a box to enter an address. Paste the string (with "something.engr.wisc.edu" replaced with the actual website url):


    You can then select a drive letter for the share (any will do). The share will now show up under "This PC".
    NOTE:There is a 5 minute delay between the creation of a vhost and the creation of it's SMB share.

  • SFTP: user@webedit.cae.wisc.edu:/home/vhosts/something.engr.wisc.edu

  • Unix: From any CAE Unix machine, navigate to: /home/vhosts/something.engr.wisc.edu.

    To note, some departmental vhosts are not within the main /vhosts/ directory, so if you can't find your site in /home/vhosts/, check the other directories in /home/ first.

Once you are in the directory, placing files into the html/ folder will make them accessible on the web. Naming a file index.html will by default set that as the home page that is accessed by typing in the web address.

Note: In order to create or edit documents for a vhost, a user must be part of the associated group that owns and maintains the vhost pages. The group owner can add users to the group by selecting it in the Group Memberships section in My Account on the CAE website.

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