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CAE login session limits

A brief explanation of session limits on CAE Windows lab machines

CAE's policy on lab machine logins: "You may not be simultaneously logged into more than one workstation." In other words, one login for one user. To enforce this, we have deployed a program called UserLock to the Windows lab machines.

For Windows lab computers, you will be automatically logged off after 45 minutes of inactivity. 

For Linux lab computers, you will be automatically logged off after 60 minutes of user inactivity. 

If you attempt to log in while still having a login active on another Windows lab machine, Userlock will show the following message:

Close existing sessions prompt

"You reached the number of allowed initial access points. You need to close one of the following sessions in order to logon. Please select the initial access point you want to close and click on Close.

[Computer Number] (WIN-1402 in the example image)

When a session has been closed, click on "Logon" to try a new attempt to open a session on the local computer or click Cancel."

If you try to click the Logon button and there's still a session active, you'll receive the following message:


"You cannot connect because the blocking session may not be logged off yet or because there is another blocking session. Please try to click on "Logon" again or to logoff another session. Please try to click on "Logon" again or Close to log off another session."

This message may come up if you click the Logon button immediately after you hit the button to Close another session. It can take a few seconds to end a previous session.

If the computer you are using has an issue, and UserLock prevents you from logging in to another computer, please contact the CAE Help Desk.

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