1. SketchUp Pro 2019 for Windows [Campus login required]
  2. SketchUp Pro 2019 for Mac [Campus login required]
  3. Primavera 15.2
  4. Installing Mastercam
  5. Testing Virtualized Software
  6. Software Requests and Versions
  7. Refreshing Specific Applications
  8. Missing Folders within the Programs folder
  9. Timeline for CAE Software Requests
  10. Personal Security: Automatic Updates for Windows machines, and updating your Mac
  11. File Sharing: SecureFX
  12. Installation of LabVIEW
  13. An index to CAE filespace articles
  14. File Sharing: WinSCP
  15. Kumo: Cloud Storage Integration
  16. Copy and Paste using Xenapp in a Web Broswer
  17. How to install an R package in your home directory.
  18. File Sharing: FileZilla
  19. Primavera Troubleshooting
  20. Installing AutoCad and Other AutoDesk Products
  21. Connecting Remotely to CAE Linux Machines from Windows (SSVNC)
  22. Installing EES (Engineering Equation Solver)
  23. VPN information for the College of Engineering
  24. What is XenApp?
  25. SolidWorks 2020 for Windows
  26. Citrix Workspace - Applications launching in the browser
  27. Engineering VPN: PaloAlto GlobalConnect
  28. Office 365: Saving as a PDF