1. VPN information for the College of Engineering
  2. Mapping Your CAE Network Drive
  3. Installing AutoCad and Other AutoDesk Products
  4. How to report phishing emails to google
  5. Activate Your CAE Account
  6. Accessing Student Org Filespace and Website
  7. Resetting the Account Password
  8. What does "Access to CAE Resources is Expiring" mean?
  9. Accounts: Access to Student Org Accounts
  10. Accounts: Adding Members to a Group
  11. File Sharing: How to share large files WITHOUT using email
  12. CAE Account: Types of Accounts
  13. Accounts: Changing Group Ownership
  14. Preparing for CAE Account Expiration
  15. Personal Security: Automatic Updates for Windows machines, and updating your Mac
  16. Renewing Linked Accounts
  17. Account Permissions
  18. Checking Group Space Disk Quota
  19. Windows 10 Start Menu
  20. Coursespace Management
  21. Linux: Group Permissions
  22. Creating, Editing, and Deleting a Personal Group Filespace
  23. Printing at CAE
  24. Finding High Disk Space File Usage on Window
  25. Remote Access to Your CAE Files on the web
  26. Group Filespace on CAE's File Server
  27. CAE Password Policies
  28. Creating a group
  29. Help Desk Hours
  30. Checking Disk Quota - available and maximum
  31. Kumo: Cloud Storage Integration
  32. File Sharing: SecureFX
  33. Renewing Collaborator Access to Engineering Resources
  34. Windows: Recovering files from /filespace home directories and group shared space.
  35. File Sharing: Setting up an FTP client
  36. Recovering CAE user name and password
  37. Account: What is a CAE Account?
  38. Accounts: Choosing a Secure Password
  39. Accessing Files Using SFTP on Linux
  40. Access Disk Space Using Mac OSX
  41. CAE Account Renewal by type
  42. Requesting a New Account
  43. Checking CAE group membership