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CALS Policy on Special Fees for Courses

CALS policy and procedures for special course fees.
    1. CALS adopts, in total, the UW System policy on Special Course Fees (UW System Administrative Policy 825) and the UW-Madison Special Course Fee policy.
    2. Section 6A of the UW System policy describes the situations in which a special course fee is acceptable and outlines prohibited use of course fees.  Prohibited use cases include the consumption of materials purchased by the University for use in activities integral to course instruction; honoraria or salaries; health and safety equipment; and other situations outlined in the policy. Allowable use cases include travel and admissions expenses for field trips and costs for materials that are retained by the student at the end of the course.

    For situations that meet the allowable use cases, the following conditions must also be met in order to charge a special course fee in CALS:

      1. Teaching the course must require an extraordinary cost, well beyond the level that can reasonably be funded by the normal supply and expense budget of the department.
      2. These extraordinary costs cannot be covered as “personal or incidental expenses” to the course, as specified in the UW System policy.
      3. The course clearly cannot be offered without the special charge.


    1. The department chair must request permission for the course fee from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, who will review the request and approve with the Dean.  The request should be sent at least three months before the semester and include:
      1. Course name
      2. Instructor
      3. Amount of requested fee
      4. Reason for fee
      5. If the department does not currently assess any special course fees, a description of how the fees will be tracked and kept separate from other funds to ensure compliance with the policy.
    2. The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs or designee will follow the procedures outlined in the UW-Madison Business Services policy.

    Revised November 29, 2023

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