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CALS DDO - Points of Contact - Business/Financial Services

This document outlines the points of contact for the Office of Business Services within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Updated December 2023
For more detailed information about this series of documents, please return to the CALS DDO - Points of Contact - Overview.

CALS Business Services strives to be a model service organization by providing cost effective and quality services on a timely basis, improving communication with the customers we serve, ensuring the integrity and wise use of the fiscal, human, and physical resources of the college, providing training programs that are informative and will enhance the productivity of departmental staff, improving our technological skills to promote efficacy and efficiency, and creating a positive work environment that allows personnel to collectively and individually complete their job responsibilities and achieve their full potential.


Angela (Angie) Seitler, Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Oversees the college's administrative operations of CALS Business Services, CALS Human Resources, CALS IT, and the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Plans, directs, and manages strategic planning initiatives for college finance and administrative functions
  • Develops, recommends, and implements approved policies and procedures, and ensures strategic alignment
  • Responsible of all aspects of college budgeting, financial planning, human resources, data management, information technology, and post-award financial operations, compliance, and audits
  • Responsible for all funds distribution, balances, expenditures, and reporting for the college
Ann Bourque, Budget and Finance Director
  • Responsible for providing analytics needed for decision making, including interpreting metrics and reporting strategies
  • Advise on the implementation of new information collection systems and changes
  • Manages accounting staff
  • Responsible for policy and procedure development
  • Divisional Effort Coordinator
  • Official Function and Accountable Plan approval
  • Post-award administration oversight
  • Divisional purchasing card management and travel coordinator 
Deb Juneau, Associate Director for Business Planning
  • Manages accounting and budget analysis staff
  • Responsible for policy and procedure development
  • Approves all revenue-generating activities
Casey Hillmer, Assistant Director, WAES
  • Responsible for the annual Hatch, Hatch Multistate, McIntire-Stennis, and Animal Health Call for Proposals process and Hatch and McIntire-Stennis Capital Exercise
  • Responsible for all Hatch, Hatch Multistate, McIntire-Stennis, and Animal Health financial reporting to USDA
  • Distributes the Hatch and McIntire-Stennis startup commitment funding
  • Manages the REEport and Plan of Work reporting requirements for the college Hatch, Hatch Multistate, McIntire-Stennis, and Animal Health Programs
  • Responsible for Gift in Kinds
Kara Luedtke, Project Manager
  • Project manager to college-level priority projects, supports programs to advance the college's development priorities, and works with alumni and stakeholder groups.
Yunseo Cho, Grant Accountant
608- 265-6120, 
  • Ag and Applied Economics, CALS Global
Cheryl Gabel, Accountant
  • Academic Affairs, CALS Administration, CALS External Relations/Communication, Ag Research Stations, Dairy Innovation Hub (Divisional Approver) 

Marci-Rae Kukula, Lead Grant Accountant
  • Entomology, F&WE, Plant Pathology, Russell Labs Center, AAE, Center for Coops, Center for Dairy Profitability 

Dave Stange, Accountant
  • Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Center for Dairy Research, Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences, Center for Integrated Agriculture (CIAS), Life Sciences Communication, Veterinary Medicine (AHABS), Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center (WCIC), Family Resources (SoHE), Dairy Forage Research Center

Pamela Thompson, Office Operations Assistant
  • SWAP requests
  • Website management 
  • Key and building access management

Limin Tang, Accountant
  • Biological Systems Engineering (BSE), Community & Environmental Sociology, Genetics, Soil Science

Noelle Wilharm, Accountant
  • Food Research Institute, Food Science, Animal & Dairy Sciences (including MSABD), Nutritional Sciences


  • Administrative process redesign
  • Annual budget process
  • Audits
  • Agricultural Research Stations
  • CALS Financial Networking group
  • CALS interview expenses/support
  • CALS moving expenses/support
  • Capital equipment inventory/property control
  • Cash advances
  • Cash handling
  • Check scanning
  • Check deposits (central drop off, pick-up, and processing)
  • Cost share commitments and expense tracking
  • Cross-college - department ID changes (after project is awarded)
  • Custodial funds
  • Distribution of CALS internal competitions funding (ARS internships, bridge funding, Consortium for Extension and Research in Agricultural and Natural Resources (CERANR), Nuzum Kickapoo Valley, Pound Research, and WCIA/CALS/WARF Plant Germplasm)
  • Direct payments (DPs)
  • E-reimbursement and audits
  • Educational Innovation (EI) budgeting and allocation distribution
  • Effort reporting/ECRT including commitments and issues
  • Equipment donations and loans
  • Exceptional circumstances (after project is awarded)
  • Exceptional purchasing requests
  • Fee-for-service activities
  • Fellowships (after project is awarded)
  • Financial reporting
  • Fringe issues
  • Gifts deposits and management
  • Gifts-in-kind
  • HRS overpayment corrections
  • Indirect cost return distribution
  • Interdepartmental billings
  • Internal controls
  • Multistate travel
  • NIMSS access
  • Non-salary and salary cost transfers
  • No-cost extensions
  • Payments to individuals (PIRs)
  • PI changes - transfers, retirements, effort reductions (after the project is awarded)
  • Plan of work
  • Policies and procedures
  • Purchasing card distribution, management, and audits
  • Purchase orders (POs) and associated forms
  • Official Functions and Expense Prior Approvals
  • Overall purchasing processes (training, approval, and audit)
  • Re-budget requests (after the project is awarded)
  • REEport reporting
  • Research administrator training for CALS
  • Fastlane
  • Research policy (after the project is awarded)
  • Retention commitments
  • Revenue deposits and transfers
  • Revenue producing activities (RPAs)
  • Risk management for business services agreements
  • Shared grants (subcontracts to UW-Extension & other UW System schools - after the project is awarded)
  • Shop@UW/MDS approvals
  • Startup commitments
  • Sub-award modifications (after-the-award)
  • Sub-invoice reviews
  • Summer session/term budgeting and allocation distribution
  • Terms and conditions review for grants and contracts (after the project is awarded)
  • Training grants (after the project is awarded)
  • Travel-related matters, including 90-day exception requests
  • Unallowable tuition remission review and transfers
  • University of Wisconsin-Foundation - fund deposits and transfers to UW-Madison
  • University of Wisconsin-Foundation - financial system access
  • University of Wisconsin-System Trust funds
  • USDA-ARS specific cooperative agreements (after the project is awarded)
  • USDA-ARS task orders
  • Website Management
  • Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships (WDGFs)
  • Wisconsin state agency grants and contracts (after the project is awarded)

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