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CALS Email Lists (Google Groups)

CALS IT maintains the below distribution lists for use by CALS Administration and CALS departments/centers for official university business:

As of 1/3/21, using either or will go to the same list. However, new lists can only use the address. The table below lists which email addresses can be used.

CALS Lists used College-wide

List Name/AddressDescriptionPopulationUpdate FrequencyOwnerRestricted?
CALS Building ManagersBuilding Managers of CALS sitesTwice per yearDean's Office
CALS Center/Program AdministratorsCALS Center & Program Administrators as identified by Dean's office for correspondence. As neededDean's OfficeNo
CALS Center &
Program Directors
CALS Center & Program Directors as identified by Dean's office for correspondence. May not be an inclusive list. Automatically includes the dean's leadership teamAs neededDean's OfficeNo
CALS Center Directors & AdministratorsContains both CALS Center Directors & Center/Program Administrators As needed Dean's OfficeNo
CALS Department ChairsAcademic Department Chairs. Automatically includes the dean's leadership teamAs neededDean's OfficeNo
CALS Department AdministratorsCALS Academic Department AdministratorsAs neededHR
CALS IT StaffIT staff in CALS Administration, Departments & CentersAs neededCALS IT OfficeNo
CALS StaffAll Faculty & Staff in CALS (A07) (all appointment types except for SH)Daily/MonthlyAdministration
CALS Departmental Payroll CoordinatorsCALS Dept Payroll Coordinators as defined by CALS HR. Automatically includes CALS HR staff.As neededCALS HRYes
CALS Extension Faculty & Staff
CALS Extension Faculty & StaffAs neededDean's OfficeNo
CALS Accountants & Financial Specs
Accountants, Financial Specialists, Univ Grants & Contract Specialists and other financial staff in CALS (A07) Daily
Business ServicesYes
CALS Departmental Research AdministratorsResearch Administrators in A07As neededResearch Division Pre-Award Yes
eCALS Distribution listParent distribution list for eCALS newsletterAs neededCommunications ProgramYes
eCALS extras listSelf-subscribing distribution list for the eCALS newsletterSelf-subscribingCommunications ProgramNo

CALS Committees

List Name/AddressDescriptionPopulationUpdate FrequencyOwnerRestricted?
CALS Academic Planning Council MembersAPC Committee MembersAs neededAcademic Affairs
CALS CASI Committee MembersCASI Committee MembersAs neededDean's Office
CALS Equity & Diversity Committee Announcement ListSelf-subscribing distribution list for EDC announcements/activitiesSelf-subscribingDean's OfficeYes
CALS Equity & Diversity Committee Dept Diversity RepsCALS Diversity Representatives As needed Dean's OfficeYes
CALS Equity & Diversity CommitteeEquity & Diversity Committee Members As needed Dean's Office Yes
CALS Facilities Committee CALS Facilities Committee membersAs needed Dean's OfficeYes
CALS Global Programs Committee CALS Global Committee members As needed CALS Global Director Yes

CALS Undergraduate and Graduate Program Lists

List Name/AddressDescriptionPopulationUpdate FrequencyOwnerRestricted?
CALS Undergrads AdvisorsAdvisors of CALS Undergraduates as defined by SISDailyAcademic AffairsYes
cals-faculty-instructors@g-groups.wisc.eduCALS Faculty Instructors
Appointment type = FA020, FA030, FA040, FA050 in CALS (A07)DailyAcademic AffairsNo
CALS Staff Instructors
Appointment type = TL020, TL022, TL024, TL025, TL026, TL027, TL031, TL055, TL056 in CALS (A07)DailyAcademic AffairsNo
cals-student-instructors@g-groups.wisc.eduCALS Student Instructors
Appointment type = SA004, SA011, SA012 in CALS (A07)DailyAcademic AffairsNo
CALS All Instructors
All Faculty, Staff, and Student Instructors
DailyAcademic AffairsNo
CALS Graduate Program Directors All CALS Graduate Program Directors as identified in MyGradPortalTwice yearlyDean's OfficeNo
CALS Graduate Program Coordinators All CALS Graduate Program Coordinators as identified in MyGradPortal Twice yearlyDean's OfficeNo
CALS Graduate StudentsCALS Graduate Students as defined by SISDailyAdministrationNo
CALS Honors StudentsCALS Undergraduates in student group HALSDailyAcademic AffairsYes
CALS UndergraduatesCALS Undergraduate students as defined by SISDailyAcademic AffairsYes
CALS Academic Affairs Partner List CALS Advisors and other Advising PartnersAs neededAcademic AffairsYes
FISC Fall Term InstructorsFISC Fall Instructors per FISC DirectorOctoberFISC DirectorYes
FISC Spring Term InstructorsFISC Spring Instructors per FISC DirectorJanuaryFISC DirectorYes

Ag Hall Occupants and CALS Administration Business Units Lists

List Name/Address
Update Frequency
Ag Hall occupants
Staff located in Ag Hall (bldg: 0070). Includes all staff populations including SH positions.
1st Monday of the month

Ag Hall second floor occupantsCALS staff located in Ag Hall on the second floor (bldg: 0070). Includes Business Services, HR, IT, Research, and CALS Global staffAs neededAdministrationNo
aghall-eastfirstfloor@g-groups.wisc.eduAg Hall east first floor occupants
CALS staff located in Ag Hall on the east side of the first floor.  Includes the Dean's Office and External Relations
As needed
No Ag Hall Room 240 occupants
CALS staff located in Ag Hall, Room 240.  Includes Business Services, Research, and CALS Global staff
As needed
cals-administration-staff@g-groups.wisc.eduAg Hall CALS Administration StaffCALS Administration Staff located on the 1st and 2nd floors of Ag HallAs needed
cals-admin-office-coordinators@g-groups.wisc.eduCALS Admin Office Coordinators
CALS Administration task coordination contacts
As needed
Dean's Office
CALS IT CustomersCollege Admin staff and other customers supported by CALS IT
As neededCALS IT OfficeNo
CALS Business ServicesCALS Business Services staffAs neededAdministration
CALS HR AssistantsCALS HR Assistants as defined by Associate Dean - HRAs neededCALS HRYes
CALS HR Managers
CALS HR managers as defined by Associate Dean - HRAs neededCALS HRYes
CALS HR All StaffCALS Associate Dean - HR, managers, assistants, student hourly staff
As neededCALS HR
cals-admin-it@g-groups.wisc.eduCALS IT Staff
CALS IT Staff who report to the CALS IT Director
As needed
CALS IT Office
CALS Research Staff
CALS Research Division staff
As needed
CALS IT Office

ARS Lists

List Name/Address
Update Frequency
CALS Faculty, Staff doing crop research at ARS facilities
CALS faculty & staff using ARS facilities for crops. Population data per ARS Headquarters (Peters).
Every 2-3 months
ARS Headquarters (Peters)
CALS Faculty & Staff users of ARS facilitiesCALS faculty & staff using ARS facilities. Population data per ARS Headquarters (Peters).Every 2-3 monthsARS Headquarters (Peters)Yes
CALS ARS Office Managers Office Managers at the CALS Ag Research StationsAs needed ARS HeadquartersNo
CALS ARS SuperintendentsSuperintendents of the CALS Ag Research StationsAs neededARS HeadquartersNo

Lists for HRS Employee Class

List Name/AddressDescriptionPopulationUpdate FrequencyOwnerRestricted?
cals-supervisors@g-groups.wisc.eduCALS Supervisors and ManagersCALS Supervisors and ManagersAs neededCALS HRNo
CALS Academic StaffAll AS appointments in CALS (A07) DailyAdministrationNo
CALS University StaffAll University Staff Appointments (permanent, project, LTE) in CALS (A07)
CALS Employees in Training
Employees in Training (ET) AppointmentsDaily
CALS FacultyAll CALS Faculty as determined by CALS Dean's Office Faculty Information System1st Monday of the monthAdministrationNo
CALS Limited AppointmentsAppointment type = LI  in CALS (A07)
CALS Other (OT) Appointments Excluding OT2
Appointment type = OT1, OT3, OT4 in CALS (A07)DailyAdministrationNo
CALS Other (OT) Zero Dollar Appointments
Appointment type = OT2 in CALS (A07)DailyAdministrationNo
CALS Student AssistantsAppointment Type = SA in CALS (A07)

List Usage

Click on the list email address from the table or copy/paste to your email client to generate a new message to the desired list. Once you hit "send message", the email will be distributed to all members of the list.

List Restrictions

Most lists are "moderated" which means that the list administrator(s) in CALS IT needs to "release" the sent email messages before the messages are distributed to the list members. This is done to avoid spam being automatically sent to the lists. In addition, there are a few lists designated as "restricted". Sending to these lists will require additional approval from the list owner since these designated lists have specific purposes.  All submissions to these lists must also follow  UW System Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy and may be subject to additional review before approval & release to the list is granted.

List Membership

If you are interested in a membership listing for any of the lists above, please send an email to with a brief explanation of intended use.  

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