CALS HelpDesk - Managing Your Submitted Ticket

Instructions for managing your help ticket

Managing your Ticket in the CALS HelpDesk System

Once your ticket has been created in the CALS HelpDesk system, you can view & manage your ticket.   Some functions for managing your ticket are available through email while others are available online using the HelpDesk web interface.  

Viewing/Managing your Ticket online
Managing your Ticket via email

View/Manage your Ticket Online

You can view all tickets you've submitted either for yourself or for others (if you've been granted permission) online using the CALS HelpDesk web interface:

  1. Log into the CALS HelpDesk system with your netid at:
  2. Click on the History tab.  Here you will see a listing of all your active submitted tickets with search capabilities at the top of the screen.  A blue indicator will be listed next to tickets that have been updated by a technician.  

  1. To view additional details about the ticket, click on the ticket number.  You will see your ticket information:

  • Report Date = The date/time the ticket was created
  • Status = The status of your request.   The status type may be one of the following:
    • Open
    • Pending
    • In Progress
    • Resolved
    • Closed
    • Cancelled
  • Estimated Due Date = The date the technician expects to have the ticket resolved.   This date may change as ticket work progresses.
  • Location = The client's location that was identified when the ticket was created.
  • Room = The client's room that was identified when the ticket was created.
  • Department = The department of the client
  • Request Type = The assigned request type for this ticket.   This was either selected by the client or updated by the technician.
  • Subject = May be blank.   This is typically captured from email submitted tickets.
  • Request Detail = The information that was submitted at the time of the ticket creation.
  • Tech = The technician who has been assigned to your ticket.
  • Other fields = Depending upon the request type, additional information may be listed below the technician name.
  1. For tickets you "own" you will be able to edit the submitted ticket for items such as uploading file attachments, adding notes, adding/modifying ticket request details and canceling the ticket.  Once you've made changes, click on the Save button to save any changes you've made to the ticket.
  1. On tickets that you don't own (i.e. you've submitted on behalf of another client), your view will be limited to read-only.

Managing your Ticket Through Email
  1. Through your email client you can add notes to an existing ticket or cancel an existing ticket.   In the body of the confirmation email you received from CALS HelpDesk, you'll see links to Add Note or Cancel Ticket: 

  1. To add a note to your ticket, click on the Add Note link.   A new email message window will open.   Replace the text in the body of the message with the note you want added to your existing ticket.   For example, you would replace "REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH YOUR NOTE FOR TICKET 61. Do not include your signature." with "I forgot to mention that I was also having problems printing".  
  2. If you are using a signature on your emails, remove it before hitting the Send button.
  3. Once the note has been added to your ticket in CALS HelpDesk, you'll receive a confirmation email which will include your added note:

  1. You will see this same information if you log into the CALS HelpDesk webclient and view your ticket under the History tab.
  2. To cancel your ticket from an email, click on the Cancel Ticket link.   A new email message window will open.   You do not need to add/change any of the text in the body of the message since the body of the email message will be ignored.
  3. Hit Send.
  4. Once CALS HelpDesk has received your message, your ticket will be canceled and a confirmation message will be returned to you.

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