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Policy on Compassionate Refunds for Withdrawals from the University


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Students should first contact their undergraduate academic advisor for general academic advising questions. For quick questions about academic and policy related issues, call the Academic Help Line or email.

The campus Compassionate Refund policy applies to students who are unable to continue in classes due to compelling circumstances beyond their control and who withdraw from the University after the fourth week.

According to the policy, refunds contingent upon withdrawal may be warranted in two sets of circumstances: (1) a life-threatening or disabling illness/accident for an enrolled student or (2) death of an immediate member of the family or household of an enrolled student. The definition of family or household includes spouses, children, partners/significant others, parents, step-parents, and in-laws. Students seeking a compassionate refund must consult with an academic dean and will be required to provide written verification. 

Please understand that if a compassionate refund is warranted after the fourth week of the semester the tuition refund is as follows:

Weeks 5-8:  30%
Weeks 9-12:  20%
Weeks 13 and beyond:  10%

Additional note: For summer session, dates are adjusted according to the length of the session.

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