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608-262-0641 -- Ann Wallace - Executive Director, UW-Madison Retirement Association

UW-Madison Retirement Association
21 North Park St., Room 7205
Madison, WI 53715

The purpose of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Retirement Association is to promote the interests, health, and welfare of its members through a diverse program of activities and information, to facilitate their support of the University and the surrounding community through volunteer initiatives, and to maintain liaison with relevant University and community organizations.

The association welcomes to its membership all current or retired UW-Madison, UW System Administration, UW Extension, UW Health, UW Colleges, UW Foundation, Wisconsin Alumni Association, or Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation employees. The association also extends membership privileges to a spouse, partner, widow or widower of a current or retired employee. Membership dues are $20 per year. You may include your spouse/partner at no additional cost (he/she need not ever have been employed at the UW). Here is a link for other membership options:

Membership benefits are derived primarily from participation in the Association. An ongoing program focus is financial workshops on pre- and post-retirement planning, including such considerations as taxes, estate planning, options with IRA and 403-B payouts, and beneficiary designations. Additional programs involve healthy living in retirement, travel in this country and abroad, and retirement living in other parts of the country or abroad. The association also encourages members to form affinity groups and pursue activities of mutual interest.

The Executive Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Retirement Association is Ann Wallace.

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