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City County Bldg Room 523
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The EOD's primary goal and responsibility is to ensure that all persons have equal access to employment, housing, public accommodations and credit in the city of Madison. The EOD has responsibility for the remedy of discrimination complaints brought by individuals.

Acting as a place to register complaints, the EOD provides a fair and impartial process for addressing charges of discrimination. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone because of their membership in a protected class. The city of Madison EOD ordinance is one of the most inclusive in the nation. Protected classes include race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, handicap/disability, source of income, age (covers 18 years and older), political beliefs, marital status, physical appearance, the fact that you are a student, less than honorable discharge, arrest record, conviction record and familial status (there are limitations, call for details).

EOD also provides community education and technical assistance in order for people to know and understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. A wide variety of educational materials are available. Training can be customized to meet the needs of the group on rights and responsibilities relative to employment, housing, inclusion diversity and in public places of accommodation.

The EOD is the lead agency for implementing the recommendations of the Task Force on Race Relations. In this regard, the EOD has undertaken a number of programs to improve race relations in Madison. These include: Study Circles on Race, quarterly Race and Media Forums, an outreach program to Madison's Southeast Asian populations, a Preschool Reading Program at the Wexford Ridge Community Center, publication of a brochure on rights when stopped by the Police and training for retailers on avoiding racial profiling in their shoplifting prevention programs.

Previously known as the Equal Opportunities Commission

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