MFA-Duo - General Information

General Information
To better protect the intellectual property and personal information of our campus community, UW–Madison has added a second verification step to the NetID login process for web-based applications. This process, called multi-factor authentication, offers additional protection to your digital identity and is commonly used in many businesses.

Multi-factor authentication, provided to UW–Madison by Duo Security, adds an additional step to the NetID login process. The first steps for logging in will remain the same: you will enter your NetID and password. The additional step utilizes a smartphone or token (also called a fob) to verify your identity.

Requiring two different channels of authentication helps prevent unauthorized logins to your account, even if your password has been compromised. The enrollment process is easy, and using the app or token is simple. For the most up to date information, please visit the Multi-Factor Authentication Project website.

Getting Started
  • Go to the Multi-Factor Authentication Portal
  • Select your device (phone/tablet, token/fob or USB)
  • Enter your device's information
  • Activate Duo on your device
  • Logging In
    • Smartphone/Tablet
      • Log in to your account using your NetID and password
      • Confirm the login on your mobile device 
    • Token/Fob
      • Log in to your account using your NetID and password
      • Select the "Enter a Passcode" option
      • Press the button on your MFA token
      • Enter the code displayed on your MFA token
    • USB
      • Log in to your account using your NetID and password
      • Select the "Enter a Passcode" option
      • Click in the passcode field so your cursor is active there
      • Press the button on your Feitian USB device (make sure it is plugged into your computer)
        • Pass code should automatically populate the passcode field
More information on how to set up your device please visit DoIT's Multi-Factor Authentication Guide for Staff or DoIT's Multi-Factor Authentication Guide for Students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I authenticate if I don’t have cellular or wireless (Wi-Fi) service on my smartphone?            
  • If you’re in a location where you do not have cellular or wireless (Wi-Fi) service (e.g. your phone is on airplane mode, international travel or poor cell signal) you can request a single-use passcode directly from the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone.
    • Simply open the Duo app on your smartphone and tap anywhere on the UW Madison NetID login screen. This generates a six-digit temporary passcode.
    • Enter the six-digit code provided on your smartphone in the Duo Device Management portal to complete the authentication process.
    • For more information, please refer to MFA-Duo – What is the best way to use MFA-Duo when traveling?
  • You can also plan ahead and print backup passcodes for future use at
Where can an individual or a department obtain replacement tokens?
  • Check with your Human Resources department if you need a replacement token because your token is broken, or the battery has died.
  • Tokens are also available for purchase at the walk-in Help Desk located at 1210 W. Dayton Street (Computer Science building). Departments can purchase bulk tokens using a D-number; individuals can purchase using personal funds, if they have lost or damaged their token, or if they would like a backup token.
Why is MFA being implemented at UW-Madison?
  • The fact is that passwords alone are not good enough to protect sensitive data, personal information and UW–Madison’s online data. Last year 4,946 UW–Madison NetIDs were stolen and the Office of Cybersecurity processed 92,483 phishing reports from campus members. Multi-factor authentication helps protect your academic, financial, and personal information from misuse. 

More FAQ can be accessed here and tips for traveling can be found here.

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