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Frank Lloyd Wright Trail: 

Check out the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, a self-guided architectural adventure featuring nine Wright-designed buildings across southern Wisconsin.  These buildings offer opportunities for public access- times and days vary by location:

Two of these featured buildings are located in the Madison area, the Monona Terrace and the Unitarian Meeting House.

Monona Terrace- 1 John Nolan Drive
1997: Years after Wright finished the design - seven weeks prior to his death in 1959 - Madison voters approved a referendum to construct the building in 1992.

Unitarian Meeting House- 900 University Bay Drive
1947: Limestone and oak with a copper roof. The design was intended to suggest hands folded in prayer.

Private Residences in the Madison Area:
**Please be advised that the addresses listed below are not open to the public. They are listed here only as a reference of Frank Lloyd Wright's impact in the Madison Area and are not a part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail.

  • Robert M. Lamp Residence- 22 North Butler Street
    • 1904: A simple brick structure. The third level is a later addition and not of Wright design.
  • Herbert Jacobs First Residence- 441 Toepfer Street
    • 1936: The first truly Usonian house-a concrete slab floor with integral radiant heating and wood sandwich-wall construction which eliminated conventional studs.
  • Eugene VanTamelen Residence- 5817 Anchorage Road
    • 1956: First of the prefab designs for Marshall Erdman Company. L-shaped with masonry core and board and batten siding.
  • Walter Rudin Residence- 110 Marinette Trail
    • 1957: The second of four prefab designs for Marshall Erdman Company. Concrete block with horizontal board and batten siding.
  • E. A. Gilmore Residence, 'Airplane House'- 120 Ely Place
    • 1908: Plaster with wood trim cruciform structure with unusual small porches.
  • Herbert Jacobs Second Residence- 3995 Shawn Trail 
    • 1943: The first solar hemicycle. On two levels with its rear set into the earth.
Shorewood Hills:
  • John C. Pew Residence- 3650 Lake Mendota Drive
    • 1939: Limestone and cypress built on a lot that slopes sharply to Lake Mendota.

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