Operations Intern Duties (During SOAR)

Job duties and which professional staff to report to

Primary roles during SOAR:

1. Resolve parent/guest & reservation problems

  • Provide extra customer service to SOAR participants experiencing problems or who have many questions or special circumstances (see Disability Accommodations Section )
  • If refunds are simple, forward details (SOAR student's name, payment amount, original payment date & amount to refund) to Office Manger (Carol), who will process refund
  • If refund is complex or unclear, forward details to Carol for decision.

2. Manage Check-In for SOAR. Direct OAs to do tasks as needed to prepare for check-in. Make sure: 

  • Rosters are printed
  • Name tags are printed, stuffed & alphabetized (after sorting students into evening student groups)
  • Adequate check-in bags (students and family) are stuffed with correct materials
  • Additional hand-outs & flyers are on hand
  • Make sure UW Housing check-in is set up and ready before starting check-in
  • Assign OAs to their station, and make sure all are ready before starting check-in
  • Print two copies of parking for the day, one for the OAs, one to give to the NSL at Lot 17

3. Serve as office manager for SOAR satellite office in Union South. 

  • Make sure office is tidy and stocked with all needed office supplies
  • Assign OAs to prepare mailings, e-mail correspondence, answer phones, and complete other projects as needed
  • Do inventory of office & check-in materials weekly
  • Prepare deposit information (all deposits entered in SOAR system, logged on deposit sheet) and give to Cassie Sandberg in preparation for Friday deposit
  • Direct other OAs to do cleaning and tidying as their work flow allows 
  • Use MDS site to order check-in supplies as needed

4. Work with families who indicated need for disability accommodation . OSTFE Office Manager will send list of SOAR participants and parent/guests who indicated disability accommodations for upcoming SOAR sessions (list goes to pro staff, interns & if appropriate advising groups). 

Wheelchairs/ Mobility Requests

  • Review list for any attendees who want to use a wheelchair or might need to use wheelchair 
  • Check to see if families who indicated they might need wheelchair in their SOAR reservation will want to use a chair
  • Check if family member with mobility issue is planning on doing campus tour or parent/guest optional programming after dinner & work with VIP &/or Interns to make sure tour presenters adapt tours appropriately

Other Disability Accommodations

  • If any attendee will need sign language interpreters (SLI's), Office Manager will arrange details and will list SOAR office as location to report
  • Greet SLI's & help them meet with family they are signing for
  • Work with interns to make sure SLI's know schedule

Which Pro staff to consult about:

  1. Technical issues with registration site, phones, computers or printers - Chris Diorio
  2. Status of refund - Carol Pope
  3. Check in materials ( planners, bags, lanyards, name tag paper, name tag holders, Empowering Parent Handbooks) - Carol
  4. Ordering office supplies - contact Carol with details of supplies that are needed
  5. Ordered supplies from MDS not arriving - contact Carol to see if order was placed & delivered, check with Union staff to check loading dock to see if  mis-routing occurred
  6. Print material problems/supply - ask Carol if this comes up
  7. Personnel problems with OA's, Union Staff - Cassie Sandberg
  8. Personnel problems with NSLs, Interns - Cassie Sandberg
  9. Lack of trash pick up, vacuuming of SOAR Office, room access - Union South Building Manger/work with Meg Cerny to resolve
  10. Disability-related concerns, problems or questions - Carol Pope

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