Creating Appointments with Transfer Transition Staff (Tracy Mores)

The process to follow when a student wants to meet with a Transfer Transition staff member about transferring to the UW.

When to make an appointment:

Prospective, applying, or admitted transfer students can make appointments with a Transfer Transition Program staff member to:

  • Discover how their academic interests fit into the options at UW-Madison.
  • Choose appropriate courses prior to transfer.
  • Understand the transfer process.
  • Understand degree requirements.
  • Navigate resources and services to make a successful transition to UW-Madison.
  • Connect to the campus community.

NOTE: Transfer Transition Program staff members don’t make admission decisions and CANNOT discuss likelihood of admission to UW-Madison. If this is what students ask for, please instead refer them to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at 608-262-3961. We also do not advise students on first-semester course selection/enrollment as this only happens at SOAR.

Appointments are made through the TTP Team calendar on, which pulls in Tracy's Outlook calendar to determine availability.  There are appointment types for prospective students, which are typically 60 minutes long and made on the hour.  There are also appointment types geared towards students who have received an admit decision - those are 30 minutes long and can be made on the half-hour. The time alloted for these appointment types is based on how long these conversations typically take, but if an admitted student really wants a full hour or a prospective student only needs 30 minutes, they can sign up for one of the other appointment types instead.  If your correspondence with the student has been via email, feel free to refer them directly to the link in Step 1 below and they can make the appointment themselves.  If you are on the phone and the student prefers to have you make the appointment for them, full instructions are below.

Step 1:
Go to

Step 2:
Choose one of the six appointment types – In-Person, Phone, or Skype
for either prospective or admitted students (NOTE: only phone or Skype appointments are available through at least June 30, 2020.)

Step 3:
Choose a date that works for the student, and you’ll see the times available for that day. If you need to back out because none of those times work, use the back arrow within the application at the top of the screen (i.e. not the browser’s back button.)

Time Zone NOTE: If you are making a phone or Skype appointment for the student while you’re on the phone with them, the times that show up for you will all be in Central time, so you’ll need to confirm that with them so they can convert it themselves (if they choose to add it to their Outlook or Google calendar from the button in the confirmation email, Outlook or Google should automatically do the conversion).  If they make the appointment for themselves, the time zone in the Calendly app itself will automatically convert so they are seeing times in their own time zone.    

Step 4:
Click on the time the student wants to schedule for, and then click the confirm button that appears next to it.  

Step 5:
You will then need to fill in the following (all of these are required):

  • Student's First and Last Name
  • Student's E-mail - it is absolutely crucial to spell this right as confirmations are sent automatically by the system. Please confirm spelling with the student and use words “S as in Sam” to make sure you’re understanding the letters correctly.
  • Student’s Phone Number - if a Skype appointment, it will also ask for their Skype ID
  • Transfer Status - for a Prospective appointment, click "Have submitted my application" or "plan to apply soon", or "other" and fill-in a different description; for an admitted appointment, click "Admitted" or "Currently Enrolled" or "Other" and fill in a different description.
  • Where did they attend college most recently and what is their intended major - both in the same text box
  • What questions they’d like answered  - if they do not know, just type “unknown” or something like that – the field requires some sort of response

Step 6:

·         Let the student know that once you schedule the appointment, they will receive a confirmation email at the address they’ve given you with our office’s address information (if in-person) and instructions about the appointment. 

·         If they need to cancel at any time, there will be buttons on the bottom of the confirmation email that they can push to either cancel the appointment or reschedule it. 

·         They will also receive a reminder email 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

Step 7:
Click Schedule Event.  The system will automatically send both the confirmation and the reminder email to the student. 

Cancellation/Rescheduling: If a student calls back to cancel the appointment, please refer them to the Cancel button in their confirmation email. You will not be able to cancel or reschedule appointments for them. If they’ve misplaced this email, take their name, date/time of the appointment and the name of the advisor they are supposed to meet with and email it to Tracy and she will cancel it.  If they want to reschedule in this case, just go ahead and make them a new appointment, or refer them directly to and they’ll be able to do it themselves.

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