Planning an event in Lower Sett

Best practices for planning a student activity at the lower sett

General Guidelines:

Determine the time(s) and date(s) that will work for the event and a best guess about how many people you anticipate attending.

Determine if event will fit your budget - review the general hours of operation and rates at this KB

Remember bowling and rock climbing requires participants to wear special shoes:
  • If the group is covering the shoe rentals include those costs as you plan your budget.
  • If you plan for individuals attending the event to rent shoes on their own make sure you state that expectation clearly in all communication and include costs.
  • Shoe rentals require socks, make sure you include that information in your event announcement and any follow up messages.
  • Socks can be purchased at the counter if needed.
Call the Sett Recreation phone number 263-2514 to determine how busy the Lower Sett typically is during the time(s) of day and day(s) of week you are considering (i.e. Friday evenings tend to be busier than Tuesday afternoons) and if there are other reservations or events scheduled during time(s) you are considering.

If the time and day you are considering is generally busy you will either need to make a reservation, or consider alternative times or dates.

Planning an Event with a Reservation:

Reservations take at least 7 days lead time, require paperwork, and a $75 deposit.   The Center for the First-Year Experience office manager, Carol Pope is able to complete the paperwork and pay the deposit provided you allow enough time and are punctual in responding to her as the reservation is made. Review the Sett Reservation Guidelines document  especially the Open Hours and Excluded Times to make sure reservations are allowed at the time you are considering.
  • If you want to handle the reservation on your own you will need to pay the deposit and follow the steps to be reimbursed (links listed in See Also information at the end of this document)
  • If you want assistance with the reservation email Carol Pope with the following information:
  1. Date and time you want for your event
  2. If you have not spoken to the Sett Event Manager about your date and time provide alternative date(s) and or times(s) that would work for your group
  3. Number of Bowling lanes, and/or Billiards tables you want reserved (6-8 people is the suggested limit for one bowling lane, 4 is the maximum for a billiards table)
    • Note: The Sett may only allow you to reserve up to two bowling lanes depending on how busy they anticipate being at that time. If you need more bowling lanes or billiards tables, it is worth asking if you can reserve them when you talk to the manager. You also may be able to reserve them the night of the event if they are not in use.
  4. The best way to contact you (text, e-mail) so if an alternate date or time must be used Carol can confirm those changes with you  before she signs the contract and pays the deposit.

Planning a "Walk-in" Event

You will need to remain flexible and have alternative plans if the Lower Sett is busier than expected when your group arrives.  Avoid announcing the event as a "bowling party" rather let people know the event will be a social event where there might be the opportunity to go bowling, and/or play billiards.


Paying incidental costs -- food, shoe rentals, extra lanes, etc. can be accomplished in many ways, review the procedures and select the best option for you.  Regardless of payment method  - itemized receipt(s), list of attendees and the purpose of the event are required for any event where University money is spent.
  • Pay on your own - review See Also documents How to Set up Carol as an Alternate for Guided Expense Tool (GET) Reimbursement System and Procedure for submitting expenses
  • Pay using CFYE's WiscCard - review See Also document How to Use CFYE WiscCard
  • Pay using a CFYE staff member's University issued credit card (also called a Purchasing card or P-Card) - contact staff member and make arrangements for collecting and returning the card.

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