OA Spring Office Daily Tasks

Daily task reference sheet for new OAs

So you’re in the office...now what?

A step-by-step daily how-to for new OAs (by Catherine)

  • You’ve arrived in the office, Welcome! If the computers are not already up, the login to all the computers is cfye-newstudent, and the password is Onsp123!

  • Phones

    • Are there any unanswered voicemails? Look at the phone and check for the “tape” looking icon. Press the button on the right side of the phone corresponding to the icon and listen to the recordings (the pins to the boxes are taped to the phone). Call or email back to respond to the voicemails and answer their questions.

    • When the phone rings, you will be able to tell which line it is (SOAR Information, First Year Experience, or Transfer Transition Program) on the screen, and you can answer the phone accordingly: ie. “SOAR Information this is Catherine” (but say your own name…)

    • Information on dialing, putting people on hold, and transferring calls are all on the desk, these phones are new for us too!

  • Emails

    • As an OA, you have responsibility to check three email inboxes: newstudent@studentlife.wisc.edu, transfer@studentlife.wisc.edu, and soar@studentlife.wisc.edu. The SOAR inbox will be the most busy for most of your time in the office. The passwords to all of these inboxes are ONSP123!. The logins for the emails are newstudent_studentlife, transfer_studentlife, and soar_studentlife respectively.

      • Note about Transfer inbox: in this email you will mostly be scheduling transfer appointments with Tracy, to do this, look at the associated page on the KB*

    • Important new info from Heather or the interns will be pinned to the top of the inboxes and should be read first to make sure you are caught up on new info, announcements, and procedures.

  • *KB

    • The KB (Knowledge Base) is an online resource that we have here at CFYE. To access the KB, you can google “CFYE KB” and a top result is “OA Processes and Procedures.” Most of what you need to know can be found by searching keywords on this database, and frequent questions and daily tasks have hyperlinks on that homepage (such as making transfer appointments with Tracy).

  • Other Things…

    • Introduce yourself to staff members you haven’t met yet! You will become a familiar face, so get to know the folks in the office.

    • Have fun! We are all here as resources to you, especially returning OAs, interns, and Heather. We know what the learning process is like, and we are excited to help you all grow in this new role :)

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