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Module 1 - Introduction to Salesforce

Module 1 from Coaching Training Deck 6-oct-2015

In this module you will become familiar with the following Salesforce features:

Salesforce relationship framework
Salesforce home page
Salesforce tabs
Salesforce search function
Salesforce help function

Relationship Framework

 Community Account
Dane County, WI
<---> Organization Account
Public Health Madison & Dane County
 ---> Contact

  • These are the 3 primary components of Salesforce.
  • Items can be referred to as 'records' - a contact record, an account record and so on.
  • Salesforce is essentially about the relationships between records.

Salesforce Test Environment - the "Sandbox" system

  • The test environment is a sandbox used for training purposes only – you can practice without worry that you’ve made a mistake in this environment
  • Username & Password – Enter your provided Sandbox User Name which is in the form:
  • Compare this to your username on the production or "Live system":
  • Your user name and password are connected with a user profile which determines the ability to perform certain activities, like a key that opens only the rooms you are allowed to.
  • Point out in the live environment the time-out before disconnection will be (currently 2 hours) after inactivity – it will then be necessary to log back in!

Salesforce Home tab

[image of typical home tab]

  • Each user's home tab will be slightly different.  This is known as 'personalization' and there is a lot of this at work in Salesforce.
  • Also, note that there is a sidebar that you can show/hide with the key combination "Alt-S".

Working with Tabs

[image of tabs - Home | Chatter | Accounts | Contacts | Reports | Dashboards | Community Teams | Roles ]
  • Click on a specific tab to work with and access lists of records
  • The drop-down menu under each tab offers different ways to view records
  • You can also customize or 'personalize' the tabs that you see using the "+" icon on the toolbar.

Search Function

[image of global search box from top of the page]
  • The search function searches ALL records, also known as "Global Search"
  • Searching is critical to maintaining good information
    ALWAYS search before entering a new contact, community or organization account.
  • Search with an * when you don’t know the full name (before and after)
    TIP: It’s generally better to search fewer words rather than the full organization/community name
  • You can also use the AND, OR, AND NOT, () and “ ” to further refine your search

Search Results

[image of typical search results]
  • Search results are divided by accounts, contacts, Community Teams, etc.
  • To open a record, click on it's Name

Help Function

Look North on your screen for link labeled "Help & Training"

[image of toolbar and help link]
  • The help link is on every screen in Salesforce
  • After clicking on “Help & Training”, enter a word or phrase in the Help search text box then click the Magnifier icon
    [image of help search box and magnifier icon]
  • On many pages within Salesforce the hyperlink entitled “Help for this Page” is available in the upper right hand corner of the screen
    [image of help for this page and question mark icon]

Demonstrate What You've Learned

  1. How many Chambers of Commerce have been entered into Salesforce so far?
  2. How many organizations have been entered into Salesforce so far?
  3. How many communities have been entered into Salesforce so far?
  4. What is the team affiliated with Brunswick County?
  1. Chambers of Commerce (2), Health Departments (3 if you use * before and after, 1 if you use “”, etc.)
  2. 59
  3. 8
  4. Brunswick Health Ambassadors

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