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Module 3 - Getting going with Community Teams, Part II

Module 3 from Coaching Training Deck 6-oct-2015

Now you know how to enter in communities and organizations. Let’s move onto entering Contacts and connecting everything into a team!

In this module you will continue the process of creating community teams in Salesforce, following the steps below:
  1. Choose one of two ways to create a new contact
  2. Enter the contact detail information
  3. Choose one of two ways to create a community team
  4. Enter community team detail information
  5. Select contacts to be Team Members

Relationship Framework

Remember the 3 primary components of Salesforce for CHR&R

 Community Account
Dane County, WI
<--->Organization Account
Public Health Madison & Dane County

Choose one of two ways to create a new contact

Enter in contacts within an Organization account

  1. From the Organization record scroll to the Contact related list
  2. Click the new Contact button to be taken to the New Contact Form
  3. The new contact form will already have the organization account field filled!
[screenshot of the 'New Contact' button in the related list for Contacts]

Enter in contacts outside any account and then link to an organization account 

  1. Click on the Contacts tab to see your recently viewed contacts
  2. Click on the “new” button
  3. The organization account information is not filled for you and you will need to lookup the name.
[screenshot of the 'new' button on the recent contacts page]

Enter the contact detail information

[screenshot of the new contact form]


  1. Try to create a contact from within the appropriate organization account.
  2. There is an account named "unknown" to enter contacts for whom we do not know the account information
    1. This is referred to as a 'holding account'
  3. Try to enter as much information as you know about the contact.
  4. Don't forget to make a choice of the contact's "point of entry"

Choose one of two ways to create a community team

A community team, similar to a contact, can be created from multiple locations:
  1. Create a community team from within a Community account
    1. From the Community Teams related list beneath the Community account, click the "New Community Team" button
    2. Using this list and button will fill the community name on the community detail information.
      [screenshot of Community account record with button highlighted]
  2. Create a community team from the Community Teams tab
    1. From the list of recent Community Teams, click the "New" button.
    2. Using this list and button you will need to lookup the related community name on detail information.
      [screenshot of recent Community Teams list with new button highlighted]

Enter the community team detail information

[screenshot of the New Community Team form]
  1. Enter a name for the Community Team.  
    1. This name may be provided by the team members or may be something meaningful to the Action Center staff.
  2. Lookup or verify the name of the related community
  3. Save the record
  4. After saving the record, members will need to be added separately.

Select contacts to be Team Members

Like many things in Salesforce there is more than one way to add members to a community team.

[screenshots of the "community team members" related list on the Contact and Community Team records]
  1. Open the record for the community team and in the Community Team Member related list, click the "New Community Team Member" button
  2. Open a record for a contact and in the Community Team Members related list, click that "New Community Team Member" button
[screenshot of the "new community team member" form]


The community team member is a junction record which allows a community team to have multiple contacts, and a contact to be a member of multiple community teams.

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