Studio Checklist

Studio Clean-up Instructions

Studio E

  1. Sink is washed off
  2. Baton power is off
    • All batons have been raised to full height
  3. Brooms are hung neatly on the wall
  4. CA 355 class set up has been restored as shown
    • Whiteboard is cleaned off
  5. All seven paper backgrounds and one prop pole are stored neatly on the back wall
  6. Boom stand is stored against the back wall, and its wheels are locked 
  7. Sound cart is stored against the back wall
  8. Flat stands are stored neatly in the back corner
    • There are 10 full flat stands
    • There are 4 half flat stands
  9. Rolling flats are stored as shown 
  10. The work table is stored under the large studio ladder as shown 
  11. The small ladders are stored against the wall next to the flats (2 small ladders - 6ft, 8ft)
  12. There is one 4x8 foam core board on the electric tray
    • There is one 4x4 floppy flag on the electric tray
  13. The floor is swept and mopped 
    • All lights hanging from batons are secured by a safety cable
Studio D
  1. Sink is washed out
  2. Mop bucket is washed out
    • Brooms and mop are hung up
  3. Chairs are stacked neatly
    • Whiteboard is clean and stored against the wall
  4. Flat braces are stored behind the sound cart
    • There are 16 full flat braces
    • There are 6 half braces 
  5. Sound cart i stored in corner
  6. Rolling fixed sets are nested as shown above
  7. Work table is stored under the large ladder inside the rolling flats
  8. Small ladder is stored against the back wall
  9. Boom stand is stored against the wall with its wheels locked 
  10. Studio dolly is stored against the wall with its wheels locked
  11. 2 4x8 foam core boards are stored on the electric tray -->  4x4 -floppy kit -foamcore
    • Two 3x4 Styrofoam boards are stored on the electric tray 
    • One 4x4 floppy flag is stored on the electric tray --> 3 folding tables
  12. Both risers are stored in the corner behind the curtains as shown
  13. Twelve (12) stirrups are stored two per each set of hooks
    • Prop hole is stored on electric tray
  14. Baton power is off
    • All batons have been raised to their highest level
    • All lights are secured to batons with a safety cable
  15. Trash and recycling bins have been moved to the hallway for emptying 
  16. The floor of the studio has been swept and mopped 
  17. Practical light closet (storage)
- Floppy's to practical closet
- Chair inventory 
Studio Hallway and Vestibule
  1. Full flats are stored vertically at the end of the hallway 
    • Half flats are stored horizontally on top of the black flat rack, foam ceiling pieces on the far left
    • Both flat carts are stored against the wall as shown
  2. Two soft banks (one M-R, one Colortran) are stored stored on their rolling stands in the patch room
    • All lights have been unpatched
    • Light bulbs on the back shelf are neatly stacked and organized 
    • Overhead lights are off
  3. Each drawer of the tool chest has its correct tools, and each drawer's inventory matches the actual count you see in the drawer 
  4. All paint rollers and brushes have been washed throughly and are hanging over the sink
    • All other paint supplies have been stored neatly in the paint cabinet
    • all paint cans are hammered shut
  5. All group storage is fully cleaned out
    • All fabric in far right cabined is folded and neatly stored 
    • Past froup storage is 3 stools, 2 black rolling boxes, and a wardrobe cart
  6. All flags, nets, and silks are correctly stored according to the inventory on the side (Inventory: - Electronic cart
    - Grip cart 
    - Dolly cart (skate)
    - Flag cart
    - Bounce/ cart gel)
    • Six C-stands are stored on the dolly, and three more are stored to the right of the red shelf
    • All bounce cards are stored neatly in the green cart
    • Both pegboards have neatly and correctly stored gel frames, snoots, and scenery clamps
    • Red shelves and their accompanying milk crates are stored neatly and match the inventory tags on each cubby hole
    • Apple boxes are stored on the bottom shelf of the electronic cart 
    • The milk crates on the rest of the electric cart have the correct items in each crate
    • Each peg on the front of the electric cart has the correct number of cables
    • Each hook has the correct type and number of. bates converters stored on it 
    • The correct number of Senior, Junior, and Baby scrims are in each scrim kit
  7. The dimmer board is turned off
  8. The fresnel storage room contains: 2 Baby (1k) lights on rolling stands and 3 Junior (2k) lights on rolling stands
  9. Air lift 
  10. 2'x4' and 3'x5' flat carts 
  11. 2 large carts storing flats and braces tall (15 on each cart, 28 braces and 10 short braces)
  12. 2 sandbag carts
Prop Storage
  • Door and window flats have been returned to the left side of prop storage
  • Large props are stored SECURELY on rolling flats or shelves on the right side
    • All large props reside inside the yellow boundary painted on the floor
  • Small props have been neatly returned to cage area
  • The small props storage area is locked

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