How to book CA467 equipment

Tips & information on how to create/execute a CA 467 checkout.

Please remember to:

  • Book equipment using 467 group accounts. In order to sign in, choose "Sign in with local connect2 account" underneath the large blue "Sign in with UW Net ID" button. The usernames are: 467-A, 467-B, and 467-C. Refer to the course Canvas site for the password.
  • Double-check your check-in and out times! Please do not make your checkout right at 4:00pm. Also, equipment will be needed for class demos, so please don't make a booking for earlier than 8:00AM on Friday.
  • Book one sandbag for each light and one for the camera. So if you book a Tungsten Light Kit and a Joker Bug, you would need 5 sandbags (3 for the fixtures in the Tungsten Kit, 1 for the Joker, and 1 for the C300 camera).
  • Remember there is a Gel Roll, Soft Bank Kit, and Scrims in the Tungsten Light Kit. Only check out more of these if you need additional--i.e. you're checking out the Tungsten Kit and a 1K Baby Light and want to use the Soft Bank in the Tungsten Kit for one of those lights and need an extra one for the 1K Baby.
  • Please do not book more of an item than the number indicated in the check-out template below. For instance, below it says (1) Joker Bug, please do not book 2.
  • Do not make a mess of prop storage! Put things back neatly where you found them. If you found the room in a state of disarray, please return what you took out better than how you found it and notify the IMC.

CA467 Check-out Template


  • (2) Canon C300 Batteries
  • (4) Canon 5D Batteries

  • Optional:



*All lights are optional (a la carte). We recommend taking 1-4 light fixtures--with fewer fixtures, you risk underexposure; with more fixtures, you risk losing time trying to manage too many lights. Find your own middle way.


Art Department

    • Prop Storage -- Sign out all props on clipboard outside prop room.

Production Department

    • Safety Vest

Semester-long Equipment

You do not need to check this equipment out each week. It will be stored in your group locker for the duration of the semester.




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